Ten Tec Amplifiers

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2410 430-450 Amplifier (100w)
2425 2m Amplifier (30w)
405 50 watt linear Amp for the Argonaut, 80-10m, 50w with 2w drive, CW and SSB, 2 meters for power and SWR, no band switch, 12v, $149 when new (1972)
411 Centaur Linear Amplifier, 600 watts with 100 watts of drive, 160-10m, Built-in Power Supply, (411E denotes Export Model) $749
416 Titan II, 1500w on SSB and CW, QSK, 4CS1600B. New for January 98 $2990
420 Hercules II Amplifier (500w), 160-10m, 65-80watts for 500w out, Solid State with eight (8) MRF458s as finals, 100% duty cycle, 13.5 volts $1395
422 Centurion Amplifier, 160-10M, 1300w SSB, 1000w CW, 650w RTTY, Two 3-500Z tubes, Built-in Power Supply $1795
425 Titan Amplifier (1500w), 160-10 (including WARC), 60-80w in for 1500 out, 50-65% eff., Two 3CX800A7 tubes, 220 VAC
444 Hercules I Amplifier (500w)