Paragon Geihl Chip

The GEIHL chip is a replacement for the firmware in the Paragon 1 (585).

The chip is available form Jack Geihl for $49.

Send all requests to:

Jack Giehl
2780 Fields Ertel Road
Loveland, Ohio 45140

The Ten Tec Paragon upgrade chip provides many new features to enhance the operation of the radio. The enhancements are:

  1. Ham bands can be accessed by either the ham up and ham down keys or by 1 through 9 on the keypad.
  2. Band registers have been added to store the last vfo requency, mode, and filter for all nine ham bands.
  3. The latest memory channel number accessed is retained for later use.
  4. The vfo tuning rate resolution is user selectable. Each vfo has an offset of +- 99.99 kHz and simultaneous receive and transmit offsets are possible.
  5. A 10 minute timer can be turned on to remind the operator to identify. A symbol appears to the right of the 10 Hz display when transmitting. Memory Tune and Memory Scan can be operated without affecting the vfo.
  6. The Date and Clock set use the vfo knob to make changes. The clock displays hours, minutes, and seconds.
  7. The Memory scan routine uses the vfo knob to set the speed of the scan.
  8. The voice function has an enhanced mode to provide additional information to the operator. The frequency display blanks leading zeroes and decimal points. Zero is now displayed without a slash.
  9. Many functions such as VOICE can now be activated while transmitting.
  10. The up and down keys can have an increment value selected by the operator of 100 kHz and 1 mHz or 10 kHz and 5 kHz. The 5 kHz increment is useful for short wave listening, and the 10 kHz increment is useful for AM Broadcast reception.
  11. Two additional memory channels have been added to create a total of 64 memory channels (00 to 63) plus the Scratch Pad.