Paragon Garbled Output Mod

I've been experiencing garbled audio from one of my Paragons for some time now. Believing it to be an out of adjustment PLL I performed the Ten Tec alignment several times without any results. Having two Paragons I decided to swap boards in order to narrow the problem to a specific board . I began with the Minor Loop Board. I noticed that the board in my backup rig had some after market modifications. Figuring it must have been a fix for a known problem I used the board in the bad rig anyway and lo and behold it worked. I modified the original board to the same specs of the modified board and it worked also.

The Mod is as follows:


There was a thermister soldered across pins 2 and three of U5 R-28 was paralleled with a like resistor. C-29 was removed. I measured the resistance of the thermistor and found one that had the same resistance. That worked for me but is not always the case. I just got lucky. Better figure what Ten Tec used.

Joseph Pursley KF5MC