Mod: Provides a means of varying the bfo frequency on the CW and LSB modes.

History: The Omni V has no RIT. Offset tuning is accomplished by operating constantly in the split mode. This is cumbersome. Installing a real RIT control would be overly complex. This mod provides the next best thing.

 Specs: Allows frequency of bfo oscillator to vary over a 600hz range.


Parts Needed:

Parts Cost: $2.50


Note: If the 250hz filter is used, the PBT may need readjusting when the bfo is varied over a wide range.

For those who like the notch function. The tone control or squelch could be used since they are all 10k pots. The regulated voltage source can be applied to the top of either pot and the bottom end grounded. The wiper can then be routed as previously outlined.

For you who like the looks of a good mod may I suggest drilling a hole and mounting a new pot right in the middle of the word Ten-Tec on the front panel. Rename the rig Omni V+. This should increase it's value at least $300. I suggest a bright red knob with BFO written on it with a Marksalot.

Need Help? Be glad to! 73

Steve N4LQ