Welcome the the Unofficial TenTec Pages

Please note:

  1. Because of pictures, load time for "ALL MODELS" may take a while. Likewise SPEC sheets will load slowly over dial-up lines. Be Patient.
  2. Some links been made to Ten Ten Corporation for current products and to QRP-L who have better pictures than me.

If you have photos or spec sheets of older TT gear, ship me the images or links via email, or send me copies via snail mail (good "in the book" or QRZ.COM).

I would like to thank QSL.net for housing the web pages and also thank Ten Tec Corporation and the following amateur operators have contributed photos and other information to the cause:

A special thanks to Carl Moreschi N4PY who has contributed so much to the Software Radio aspects of the Tentec world.

Steve Narducci, W9SN Chris Robson, KB3A
Puck Motley, W4PM Robert Schnick, K3TE
Joel Jensen, W0JDJ Troy Moore, N8APR
Leigh DuPre, KZ5OD Lyndel Thiesen, N7LT
Chuck Adams, K5FO Mike Pritchett, AA2VX
John Peregord, KB8UMD Jerry Harley, WA2TTI
John Cumming, VE3JC John Cmiel, W9EM
Roger Dillon, N5OGH Don Bertone, KK6AN
Kurt Hirsch, OE1UHA Glen Reid, K5FX
Gary MCCaughey, W2EX Wayne Dillion, G0JJQ

Mail your photos and comments to: J. B. Edmonds, N4NQY, 73