Pixie2 CW Tranceiver

When I bored to deal with complex circuits, I wanted to take a breath and I decided to make a small CW QRP tranceiver.
The most simple circuit I have ever see is the Pixie2 qrp. There are only 2 transistors and 1 IC. So, it was perfect for me.

I couldn't find who is the designer of this circuit, so i can't refer a web page. You can google it.

I designed a small pcb with surface mount components, because I don't want to use drill to drill lots of holes.
Using laser printer and asetate methot, I etched pcb and soldered smd parts.

Because I want it portable, I decided to power it with battery and make a built-in key.
With a push button, ice cream stick, plumbing O ring and thin bolt, in 10 minutes my key was ready to use.

Output Signal

Coming Soon

I'll add pcb design and other files in few days.
First pcb design: Here !