Expedition to Kuliabskaya Oblast . Summer 1984.

RJ6K  Expedition took place in summer 1984.

 This expedition was dedicated for 60 years anniversary of establishment
 Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic. Expedition held in Kuliab region RJ6K,
 Pamir mountains RJ6R and tourist group traveling on Pamir UJ8JLU/P.  

 RJ6K team operated from beautiful place near Khovaling lake. Day
 temperature varies from 35 to 45 degrees Celsius. Operation was made in
 conjunction with traveling over mountains, good national cuisine and
 consumption of EY8AA's made wine.


RJ6K expedition members in the camp (L-R):
1st row:
Slava UJ8JG, Masud UJ8JCF (EY8AA), Erkin, Rakhim UJ8SAD (EY7AD), Nodir UJ8JMM (EY8MM).

2nd row:
Yuri UJ8SB (EY7AB), Irage (EY8WW), Khurshed, Madi, Driver 


Nodir EY8MM looking for DX.


RJ6K Operating position (L-R):
Sitting: Yuri EY7AB, Irage (future EY8WW), Nodir EY8MM, Alik RX9WN.

Standing: Slava UJ8JG, Masud EY8AA 


Alik RX9WN in operating position.

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