Hi, my name is Mutlu. I'm computer programmer, living in İstanbul, Türkiye. I'm amateur radio operator since 2009.
My hobies are scuba diving, skiing, mountaineering, playing guitar, electronics and computers.

I accept both printed QSL cards and eqsl.
If you wish, you can send me qsl cards via TA3KS, my friend, Kağan.

Please feel free to mail me if you have any questions, advice, technical assistance etc.
my adress is : [mycallsign](at)qsl.net
PSE use English or Turkish, otherwise i have to use google translate :)
73 de TA1MD (former: TA2AWM, TB2HL)

English is my second language so there may be a mistakes. Please inform me about typos and other things, so I can learn it :)