Amateur Radio Station T99D

Dalibor - Dal Stanic  - Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

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Welcome to my web site.

My name is Dalibor Stanic, also known as Dal.

I've been radio amateur since November 1987 when I passed my C-class licence exam in radio club YU4FRS, now T91FRS.  I had my first amateur radio QSO on 28th December 1987.

I gained a D class in November 1988 and B-class in 1991. During my stay in Croatia in 1995 I became 9A4AE and also applied for Bosnian call sign in 1996.

I finally returned to Bosnia in 1996 and with a great help of my friends finally hit the radio waves as T94DO from the small town of Kresevo. I was also active as T97POPE during Pope's visit to Sarajevo.

In 2006 I finally passed the class A exam and changed my callsign to T99D

I do take part in all sorts of contests as well as antenna building and erecting towers. See some of my contest scores. I am very grateful to the members of Sarajevo Contest Group
(SCG - T9DX) for their help and support, especially to Boris T93Y, Edin T97M and my good friend and QSL manager, the best manager on Earth - Mario T94DX / DJ2MX. 

My antenna system consists out of 2 ele. 5 band quad (20 - 10m) and pyramid for 40m. I hope I'll manage to do antenna improvements planed for this season; 12m tower, new 4 ele 5 band quad, 2 ele 40m quad and also some wire antennas from 80 and 160m.

Visit some of my friends' web sites:   T93Y    T93M    DJ2MX    VK4DX 


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