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T97M and T93Y set new CQ WW DX CW Asian Multi-Multi

record as part of A61AJ Multi-Multi team

Sarajevo Contest Group is unformal association of Bosnia and Herzegovina Contest Operators. Our members are not only from Sarajevo but name was given back in 1994 when it was impossible to have contest operators from the other parts of the country in the team.
For the time being this page is part of my WEB page but I hope that other members will contribute to the its content and that we will have separate Sarajevo Contest Group Page soon.
To find out more about Sarajevo Contest Group and members please follow links bellow.

T9DX Contest Statistics

Here you can found statistics for the WPX CW 1994 and IARU 1994 worked as T9A and WW SSB/CW 1996, ARRL CW/SSB 1997 and WPX SSB 1997 worked as T9DX.

T9DX Members QSL gallery

At the present time T9DX QSL Gallery has some 20 QSL cards. I am still looking for some members to give me their QSL's.

T9DX Member scores 1998

This page holds all contest scores SCG members reached in 1998.

T9DX Member scores 1999

This page holds all contest scores SCG members reached in 1999.

T9DX LOG Search

I guess everything is clear here. Check online LOG for your QSO with T9DX. Also please follow link on this page and send E-mail request for your T9DX QSL card.

T9DX Pictures Gallery

T97Y (ex. T94NE) at T9DX during WW SSB 1996
All SCG activities were during the war time and just after and that is reason why we do not have so much pictures in our Pictures Gallery. Anyway this few will help you to see our contest working conditions.

T9DX WW 1996 Prica

The only part of this page which is not on English. T93Y WW 1996 Contest story which is published in ARABiH January 1997 Bulletin.

T9DX E-mail QSL request

Fill the form and request your T9DX QSL via E-mail. 100% sure QSL via the bureau.

T9DX members in the good company

Danny T93M and KC1XX boys
Pictures of SCG members with their friends. 

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