A61AJ CQ WW CW 1998
New Asian CQ WW CW Multi-Multi Record
A61AJ CQ WW CW 1998 numbers and figures

A61AJ QSL Card
Check out A61AJ CQ WW CW 1998 Multi-Multi new Asian record Summary Sheet, Breakdown Sheet and Continent Statistics.

A61AJ Team members

A61AJ Team Members
A61AJ Contest team : (standing L to R) Chris (not HAM yet), Rich KE3Q, Bernie W3UR. Seated (L to R) are Ali A61AJ, Sem PA4AO (ex. PA3GIP, also T94S) and Edin T97M. The only person missing on this picture is page author Boris T93Y.

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Read A61AJ CQ WW CW story written by Boris T93Y
Read T93Y's impressions about CQ WW CW Multi-Multi work from A61AJ QTH.

For more INFO about A61AJ and UAE please visit official site at WWW.A61AJ.COM

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