"The world wide YL Meeting 2004"

The world wide YL Meeting 2004 in Seoul, Korea

The Korea Ladies´ Amateur Radio Club (KLARC) will hold "The world wide YL Meeting 2004 in Seoul, Korea" from 8 to 12 October 2004.
YLs and OMs from all over the world are invited to "The Land of the Morning Calm", South Korea.

The world wide YL Meeting first started in Stockholm, Sweden in 1991. Following the initial occurrence, the meeting took place every 2-3 years in Osaka, Japan (1993), Berlin, Germany (1996), Svalbard, Norway (1998), Hamilton, New Zealand (2000), and in Sicily, Italy (2002).

This is a terrific opportunity for the YL to gather in a new country and enjoy each other´s friendship. We will exchange QSL Cards, information, thoughts, ideas, and share each of our cultures and history. The conference will give us all an opportunity to interact with our neighbors from around the world, and achieve true mutual understanding between our nations and people. Your attendance will enhance and develop our sense of world community.

We have a special operation with special call sign in this period. Our diversity and perspective will make this wonderful and unforgettable, 2004, YL Festival.
"73 & 88!!!"

8 May 2003
Chairman HL2KDW, Chae, Do Sook
Committee The world wide YL Meeting 2004 in Seoul, Korea
HL2KDW, Chae, Do Sookhl2kdw@hotmail.com.011-298-6024
HL2KDN, Yun, In Sookhl2kdn@karl..or.kr02-502-5136
HL2DBF, Kang, Sun Jahl2dbf@hanmail.net033-693-0059
HL2TBJ, Lee, Eun Kyongobjtbj@hanafos.com032-322-2632
HL1MSF, Nam, Woo Jeonghl1msf@hanmail.net02-783-2479
HL5PMN, Kim, Tae Sookhl5pmn@hanmail.net016-551-6337
DS2CEK, Pak, Chong Soonds2cek@hanmail.net031-592-1919
DS2CFQ, Nam, Hyun Okds2cfq@hanmail.net031-853-3394
2004 YL-programmme