SY9DIA 2002 IOTA Contest (DIA IS. EU-187)


The island of Dia, known in Greek as Ntia. Dia is a beautiful small uninhabited island just 6,5 nautical miles from Iraklion-Crete, just beyond the harbor of ancient Knossos. When Theseus abandoned Ariadne after she saved him from the Labyrinth, some say that he left her on the island of Naxos. But others claim he was so anxious to be rid of her that he left her on DIA island, within sight of her father's domain.
Thanks for join us on IOTA CONTEST 2002 from the island of DIA (ZEUS) with his favourites Kri-Kri goats, where Jacques Cousteau in 1972 searched for the lost Atlantis with Calypso.
High temperatures and almost guaranteed summer sunshine are the characteristic features of the island's climate. Summer temperatures (30 degrees C plus) are often moderated by the strong north-westerly wind called the Meltemi which blows in July and August.


We stayed at the island's hostels. They are located one kilometer east of Saint George golf. Thanks to Mihalis the guardian of the island that without his help the DX petition would be impossible.



Station Details

The station consisted of a Kenwood TS-2000, a 80-10m Windom antenna and a rotary dipole 10-15-20m. We also used a portable PC to log the contest using EI5DI's SDI program.

For the power supply we used an electric  generator, solar panels a wind generator and four high capacity gel cell battery.

The shack is a separate hostel not air-conditioned. Operating a 24 hour MIX mode contest in 35 degrees celsius was hard work...

This is a  view of the shack with SY9DIA team.  



We enjoyed the pileups the contest and the good BBQ from Manos SV9BMJ.


Claimed Score

We operated as SY9DIA multi-operators, Mixed mode, 24 Hours section in the 2002 IOTA contest. We made 761 cross QSOs with a claimed score of 675762 points.

     BAND             80m     40m     20m     15m     10m     Total

     Valid QSOs SSB    12      85     456     144      53       750
     Valid QSOs CW      2       2       3       2       2        11
     Total QSOs        14      87     459     146      55       761

     QSO Points       198     657    2649    1182     357      5043

     Multipliers SSB    6      22      45      43       8       124
     Multipliers CW     2       2       2       2       2        10
     Total  Mults       8      24      47      45      10       134

This was our second entry in the IOTA contest and our first visit to Dia is. Once again we found that 100W was not enough power to keep hold of our run frequency. We also found it very hard work breaking the pileups of other Island stations to gain multipliers.

QSL Information

The QSL manager is Manos Nerantzulis SV9ANJ.