Packet Software

AGW Packet Driver
SV2AGW packet radio driver, runs TCP/IP protocol over radio, support windows 95/98/NT and several devices like baycom and, E5DXL 9600 G3RUH compatible modems, DRSI and Sound cards by SV2AGW George Rossopoulos.

Free DX cluster server software package for amateur packet radio.

Full-featured Windows 3.1 or 95/98 program for ham radio PacketCluster operations, which has been in constant development since 1993.

Baycom modem emulator.

Easy Packet Radio program for TAPR-style TNCs.

FBB Packet-radio BBS
FBB is a bulletin board software for amateur packet-radio. This software is free of charges. It can be copied or installed only for non-commercial use abiding by the laws.

FBB Utilities
The latest and greatest set of NK3T Utilities for use with the FBB BBS system.

G4PDQ PacketCluster Tools
G4PDQ's PacketCluster routines to make PacketCluster a little more interesting for the user and a little easier for the SysOp.

Graphic Packet
GP for ms dos and ms Win by DD3DJ.

Ipmulse Systems
Impulse Systems offers several innovating products: F6FBB Language Editor and WinPack CoDec.

KA Win
KaWin supports multiple Kantronics½ TNCs and multiple radio transceivers with an intuitive, graphical interface, setting a new standard of performance for digital radio communications.

KaGold and PkGold
Performance Software for AEA and Kantronics TNCs Recognized Leader in Packet Amtor RTTY Baudot Pactor Gtor ASCII CW Morse support.

LAN-LINK for windows
Smart multi-mode controller software, contest, logging, APRS, and ``PSK31 via Sound card.

Packet radio program for 32-bit Windows platforms. Works with a host mode TNC, FlexNet, AGWPE or telnet.

NcWinPtc is a terminal program for the SCS controllers PK232 and PK900(with all files). Includes also many other programs for pactor devices such us Ptc II SCS, Ptcplus SCS, Z80 SCS.

PacketCluster DX statistics
This program extracts statistics from a dx.dat file to show numbers of spots for each country on each band.

New packet radio generation software made in germany.

Picture Packet
A Windows95/98/NT control program for Terminal Node Controllers. In its Lite mode it's all the software many packet users may ever need, and it's free. Receive and display of full color, high-resolution images and audio files.

TNC Terminal Software for the Windows CE 2.x Handheld PCs.

PKTerm 99
PKTerm 99 host mode terminal software for the Timewave/AEA TNCs takes advantage of the true multitasking capabilities of Windows 95,98,NT.

RCOM for Linux
Terminal program for serial device.

RXCLUS is a free amateur radio software especially designed for the DX'ers and SWL's wanting to receive the informations transmitted by packet radio on the DX-cluster system.

Simple Terminal
Windows program that only works with PTC-I and PTC-II TNC.

SIMPLEX is a program which transforms any transceiver into an audio repeater. It works on HF, VHF, UHF etc with SSB, CW, FM, packet, SSTV and every modulation mode.

TNT and DPBox
Packet radio AX25 package running under LINUX with no special requirements to kernel or setup.

TstHost is an intelligent packet radio program, multichannel, multisession.

TTYLink is a freeware client chat telnet application designed for packet radio and available for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95/98.

UISS Windows UI-Packet Program
Freeware program, special and easy to use packet program for communicating with ISS, PCSat and other 'compatible' sats. Can also be used for basic normal packet.

G7JJF wintnc software.

WinCluster Lite
Windows standalone DX cluster node package, supports 10 users via a Kantronics on radio ports and 10 telnet connections.

Convers is a chat system (similar to IRC) operating using internet TCP/IP protocols on amateur packet radio and the internet.

Windows Telnet to ComPort cross connect
This program lets you cross connect Telnet connections and ComPorts or Ethernet. It can be used as a backup connection for PacketCluster nodes or to connect a CT network to a remote PacketCluster.

WinGT and WinBox
Packet radio terminal program for win 3.1 and above, WinBox is a modified version of WinGT for cb radio usuage.

Popular ham radio packet windows application. By G4IDE.

TNC virtual phone modem driver for windows 95, known also as TFSlip95.

X Text System home page
XTS is a teletext server for packet radio under linux with many functions. It can execute command...

XPacket - Packet-Radio-Host-Terminal
Packet-Radio Host-Mode-Terminal for DOS works also fine in Windows-DOS-Box. Lots of functions, includes userdatabase Name, distance, direction, qth, call, alias.

It offers support for AEA, Kantronics, SCS/Paccomm and Hal controllers. The program also offers full transceiver control for most of todays HF radios. The program also support DX Cluster monitoring.