Unfortunately the road to the contest site in KN00LI is full of snow and there is not a change to operate from there during the contest next weekend.We are looking for another location.More info to come




We have upgrade the antenna systems for the next contest.

We now have two more antennas the 17B2 from CUSHCRAFT and more power,nearly 500w.

Also new antenna for 1296mhz from Tonna.

Cu all in the contest


Leo SV2DCD,Steve SV2RM,Panos SV2MCH,Elias SW0XBC




Happy new year to all and wish you best dx on vhf and good luck in the contests.

Great news from Elias SW0XBC who is now owner of brand new 500w linear amplifier and a 17B2 Cushcraft long yagi antenna.

This will be used in the next contest in March.

Elias wants to buy 3 more antennas 17B2 so we can use all of them during the contests.

Look for us in the next contest from KN00LI!

73 to all HNY





September contest is over and it was the best contest ever with excellent tropo conditions and 60qso with 28703 points .ODX was OM3RKP 960km first ever OM station wkd in a vhf contest for us.




This weekend will be again qrv during the IARU REGION 1 VHF Contest.

SV2DCD/P Leowill try it again on 2m this time with 16el F9FT,2x6el DK7ZB,2x5el F9FT and 300w.

SV2RM/P will be qrv on 432mhz with 4x19el longyagi DK7ZB homemade

DO7JEK/P Elias will be qrv on 6m with 5el homemade DK7ZB.

QRV via wireless lan connection to ON4KST Chat rooms.

Also skeds via sms +306972858742

Cu all in the contest





This weekend will be again qrv during the AEGEAN VHF Contest and the IARU Fileday.

SV2DCD/P will try it again on 2m this time with 2x16el F9FT,2x6el DK7ZB,2x5el F9FT and 300w.

SV2RM/P will be qrv on 432mhz with 2x19el longyagi DK7ZB homemade

SV2MCH/P will be qrv on 6m with 5el homemade DK7ZB.

This time we will try a wireless lan connection so we can have internet on the hill.If we do that we will be on the ON4KST chat rooms.

If we don’t then the only way for a sked is via sms +306972858742

Cu all in the contest





The 2nd Subregional contest is over but the results not so good for us.The tropo conditions were extremely poor,the weather was bad (we had snow during the evening) and so we didn’t catch our goal to make a good score with up to 60 qso’s. Some tropo openings to YU with plenty of stations wkd an a couple of openings to HA with HA8V, HA5KDQ , HA6W wkd and the last one our ODX. YO2KBK/P and YO3FFF/P where the 2 YO stations wkd and from S5 only S50C.No any 9A stations. Very very bad tropo conditions. Tnx everyone and cu in June contest




A big opportunity to work SV on 70cm will give to you from SV2RM and SV2MCH.They will be /portable from KN00LI 1800m asl with 2x19el F9FT and 20w YAESU FT897.From KN00LI there is nice opening to Z3,YU,9A,S5,HA,LZ,YO and west to ITALY (IK7 and IK8 will be easy).

Pse look for them. There is no cluster or chat available.Pse skeds via email [email protected] or during the contest sms to 00306977362668 and 00306972858742.

Also this weekend SV2DCD/P will be qrv during the 2nd subregional VHF CONTEST from KN00LI. The equipment will be the FT-847 driving a PA 300W into:2x6el DK7ZB, 2x5el F9F7, 1x10el DK7ZB, 1x16el F9FT.

Pse look for around 144.190.Best time for tropo around 03:00-04:00 z Sunday .Pse turn antennas to South. There will be more SV stations qrv also from KN10, KM08, KM07. Cu all in the contest.

P.S In the contest site there is no cluster or online chat to on4kst.Only gsm @ 00306972858742




As the 1st SUBREGIONAL VHF CONTEST is coming next weekend I am preparing for it.The big problem is the snow into the road which drives you to the contest site. As my friend Kostas SV2ESR checked this weekend it seems that 500m before the site the snow is up to 50cm and it is very difficult for any jeep. Anyway if the weather will be good i will try it by foot as the equipment that I have to carry is my FT-847 my small linear and my laptop.I hope the antennas are still on place hi. CU IN THE CONTEST






The team of SV2JL,SV2RM,SV2DCD from 12z today put in place a new 2m vhf beacon SV2DCD/B.For more info visit the beacon page.Before the installation of the beacon SV2JL and SV2DCD were qrv 2m SSB,CW, and FSK.Nice signals from YU1IO,YU1EV and some tropo with HA.Pista HA8CE wkd in ssb with 55





I was qrv during the MMC from Sunday morning 06:30 till the end of contest.Some nice tropo openings in the beginning with HA stations coming very strong.

ODX was HA0MK/9 862km.Also HA8V,HA8IH,HA6W,HA5R wkd.

Hear some samples in the sounds page

S50C was also strong but not like the HA’s

I wkd only with the 2x6 DK7ZB and 300w

CU in the next contest.Propably if the weather will be still good I will try the BCC Meteor scatter contest.

73 de Leo SV2DCD





I will be qrv during the Marconi Memorial Contest from Sunday morning at about 06:00.

Pse for any sked email [email protected]





I visited again yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours the contest site to test the 2x6el DK7ZB antenna.

I wkd Moma YU1EV from KN04CN with very big signal picked 59+40 !! giving me 59+20 and telling me that I was the stronger signal ever from SV hihi.

Also wkd

YT1ET 59 KN04RR Saki

YO2LEA 59 KN06WK 680km distance

YU1JB 59 KN04GT Joca

Z35Z 59 KN01 Dime




The 2x6el DK7ZB that i had constracted is on their place @ SV2DCD/P contest station.

Due to testing today I had QSO’s with YU1EV,YU1IO,9A2VR,9A3B all 59 report.

Seems that the antenna system is working ok and is ready for the next contest