I'm 29 years old, born in Thessaloniki on May 23rd the 1969. My education is finished the primary school the 1987 and I went in army that year in special forces which I was teacher in taekwon-do. After army I finished private high school for economics and Management of companies. I'm radio amateur licensed since Sept.1993.

Now I continue my father's handicraft which is a producing unit of turned & pressed metallic spare parts most of those by subcontracting (CNC parts), with 40 years history. The rest activity of my work is producing spring and lynch pins and towers from aluminium by subcontracting as well. My company has ISO-9002 from the German organization TUV, now 2 years.

I'm married with Rania (SV2EWY), but she don't like so much my first hobby. But I tried hard and she made some QSO's on HF bands hi. Rania is 25 years old and at the moment we don't have children. Rania finished private also High School for marketing - computers - management. She likes a lot to read psychology.

Our same hobbies is TaeKwon-Do, snow ski, traveling.

We are leaving in a suburb close to Thessaloniki N.Greece name Oreokastro with 15000 people and it is 15 minutes by car from the center of the town.

I'm proud that I'm from Thessaloniki with the White Tower Monument and many others because, city takes the name from the sister of Alexander the Great, who was the king of Macedonia in Greece of course..........