IOTA  EU-067

 I was QRV from Myconos Island twice as SV1QN/8. The first time in August 1995 with 4700 QSOs in SSB and CW , using an ICOM 751 and a vertical antenna . (A fishing pole 8 meters long , 24 radials each 12 meters long, and an automatic antenna tunner). The second time in August 1997 with 1500 QSOs in SSB CW RTTY and SSTV with the same antenna but this time with an ICOM 756 the PK-900 by AEA and a PC 486-33Mhz.
Also I activated a lighthouse (called Armenistis) in the north part of the island during the Lighthouse/Lightship activity weekend in 23 & 24 August 1997 with about 300 QSOs. (Tnx to Mike GM4SUC for inviting us to take place in this activity). Mny tnx to my friend Jim SV1OZ for his invaluable assistance for this operation.
Also mny tnx to Mrs Vasso Ziaka for the hospitality in Myconos Is.


The vertical with the automatic antenna tunner
and 24 radials

The Shack in Myconos Isl. in 1995

My QSL Card from Myconos Island


A view of Myconos Island (IOTA EU-067)


The Lighthouse (Armenistis) in the nortern part of Myconos Island.
You can barely distinguish the Dipol antenna ....


From left to right : George SV1QN  ,  Jim SV1OZ

Almost every year since 2000 I was QRV every August
from Myconos Isl.

The Shack and the Antenna in August 2009






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