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Amateur Radio
An excellent hobby. But, is it a hobby or something more? Is it just a passtime or is it also a relief to the public when suffer from natural disasters? Is it just for fun or is it a shelder in case of emergency? Is it just a waste of money or is it a education for the people, to be prepared to offer whenever they are asked to? Whatever it is, it is our hobby and we love it!
I used to have computers as hobby in the past. Now I am doing it for living. I consider myself lucky that I am doing something I love and I used to do it for hobby. Even now I spend much time in front of my PC at home. (beyond the 8 hours at least at work...), but mainly as a means to enjoy my hobby.
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WPX Award Program

This is a program that produces a report about WPX prefixes. It was done after a kind reqest of SV1BRL. It works ONLY with "Second Operator" files. (for the time being...)

If you are interested in the details of WPX Award, then you can have more info at http://www.cq-amateur-radio.com/wpxrules.html

Click HERE to download the file. (It is 136Kb)

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Biographical Information

(SV1DAY, Manos as 1998)
I was born in 1962, married with Helen. We have two lovely children, a boy called Orestis and a girl without a name yet! But we can call her Second operator, click here and you will understand why... I am working as programmer in PCs and mini systems in a large bank in Greece.

Licenced radio amateur since 1994, but with little experience in HF. I started operation in HF, on 14-Feb-1999, St., Valentine's day... I love digital communications and DX. I have 105 countries worked, (mainly SSB and PSK31), but only 20 confirmed... (August 1999). I am looking forward to operate the "birds" as well, but I have proper antennas yet. In the near future I hope...

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