This is my antennas which I have install on my roof.




A) Multiband inverted V dipole @ 10/15/17/20/40 meters with traps,

B) Inverted V dipole @ 80 meters with linear loads at the ends,

C) 3 element Yagi antenna @ 6 meters band,

D) 6 element Quad antenna @ 2 meters band (not finished yet)

E) SLIM JIM vertical antenna @ 2 meters band.


Wire dipoles


The mast are 10.5 meters long.



This is my last «baby»


Commercial 3X5/8 wave at VHF and 3X5/8 wave at UHF.


Slim Jim at VHF. Now this antenna are up on TV aerials which view right side.


My antennas. View from road.


Update 17 February 2010.


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