A Multi-type (L - PI - T )
"one-box" Antenna Tuner

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The above antenna tuner (FIG.1) is a multi-type matching system in the same box, which includes L - Pi and T networks. For example, If you can't matching a random antenna with PI-type tuner, just turn the S1 switch in other position, ie T-type and try again. With L - PI - T "one-box" antenna tuner , we have a very wide matching system for any kind of antenna.

S1 is a multi-section porcelain rotary switch with 3 positions per section (3x5).
CV1 is a variable capacitor from Old radios (small gap), about 500 pf and CV2 a bit higher capacitor, 2 x 350 pf in parallel (about 700 pf total capacity).

My antenna tuner working perfect with any type of antenna from 80 up to 10 meters and I'm running about 150 Watts on the key without problem for many years.

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