Tiny Track I

 Tiny Track-I is a simple unit offering the transmission of your position-data (as mobile etc) in APRS , just by using a VHF and a GPS. It is just a TX-tracker, you can't receive messages. But in any case, it's a pretty easy construction in a small PCB.
Keep in mind, the TinyTrack-circuit is not a personal design. The project and diagram is made by N6BG, just the following PCB is a personal drawing.

Components layout
of Tiny-1
of Tiny-1

Picture above is shown the components layout. I have used a DB9 PCB female connector for the connection with Computer or GPS. In my PCB an additional capacitor (C5, 10uF/10V) is placed in order to help the best voltage decoupling of IC. This capacitor does not exist into N6BG diagram.

of Tiny-1
Complete unit on my PCB
FIG. 2

Have fun with APRS !

Makis SV1BSX

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