N-TYPE Connector

1) Cut end of cable even and remove 8.73mm (11/32") of outer plastic cover.

2) Slide the clumb nut and pressure sleeve over the cable. Combout the braid.

3) Fold the braid back. Insert the ferrule between braid & dielectric. Trim off excess braid. Remove 5.5 mm (7/12") of the dielectric without damaging the inner conductor. Tin end of conductor.

4) Slide rear insulator over conductor and position against end of dielectric. Slide the contact over conductor until the soulder of the contact is pressed hard against the rear insulator. Solder the contact to the conductor but avoid over-heating.

5) Fit front insulator in body and push sub-assembly into the body as far as possible. Slide pressure sleeve into body and screw in the clamb nut tigthly to clamb cable.


N-TYPE Connector UG-21/U
1) Remove 14.3mm (9/16") of vinyl jacket. When using double-shielded cable remove 5/8".

2) Comb out copper braid as shown. Cut off dielectric 5.55mm (7/32") from end. Tin center conductor.

3) Taper braid as shown. Slide nut, washer and gasket over vinyl jacket. Slide clamp over braid with internal shoulder of clamp flush against end of vinyl jacket. When assembling connectors with gland, be sure knife-edge is toward end of cable and groove in gasket is toward the gland.

4) Smooth braid buck over clamp and trim. Soft-solder contact to center contuctor. Avoid to over-heating. See that end of dielectric is clean. COntact must be flush against dielectric. Outside of contact must be free of solder.

5) Slide body into place carefully so that contact enters hole in insulator. Face of dielectric must be flush against insulator. Slide completed assembly into body by pushing nut. When nut is in place, tightenwith wrenches. In connectors with gland, knife edge should cut gasket in half by tightening sufficiently.