How do I upload my site using FTP?

In order to upload your site, you will need to download an FTP client.
You then can upload directly to your web site by entering as the server and the same username and password as you were assigned for your QSL.NET account.
Make sure your default page, the first page of your site, is named index.html (all lowercase).

Choosing an FTP program:

The FTP client we recommend is Filezilla.

Here is a free version which works well. It is technically only for students, but it is such an old version, I wonder if they would really care at this point. Use at your own discretion. DOWNLOAD.

This one is more complicated to use, but works well. MORE INFO.

FIREFTP: WINDOWS, MAC, LINUX (requires Firefox)
This is a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox. We've not tried it yet, but a user reports it works well with our service. MORE INFO.

We are told this one is a great free FTP client for Apple Mac users. MORE INFO.