2024 Virginia QSO Party

Log Submittal

Log Format:  Please submit your log in cabrillo format.  N1MM+ and N3FJP will produce the correct format, as will most other programs.

On-Line Submittal
: The preferred way to submit your log is through our on-line portal. This portal will be activated during the Party.

Email Log: An alternate way to submit your log is to email it to: [email protected]. We will manually process your log.  This may take a while.

Mail Log: Alternatively, if you cannot submit your log electronically, please mail your log to:  VA QSO Party, Call Box 599, Sterling, VA 20167. 

Questions, comments, or problems may be emailed to VQP@verizon,net.

Periodically, we post the logs submitted at:   2024_VQP_Logs_Submitted.html

Comments, questions, and recommendations should be emailed to [email protected].