2014 Virginia QSO Party
Post-Party Stores

Updated: 24 May 2014

26 April 2014

Some members of SPARC met at the QTH of Gordon, NQ4K, to rescore the paper logs received.

The scorers are (from left) Jim, KF4PQL; Bill, WF1L; Gordon, NQ4K; and Dick, W2YE.

21 March 2014


Attached are a few pictures from N4HB's 2014 VA QSO Party, Multi-Op/Single
Transmitter operation. In the picture of the three ops are Henry, N4HB
(left), Will, KR4OI (right) and Wray, AB4SF (back row). The picture of the
two is Henry, N4HB and Will, KR4OI. Will is my son, who lives in Virginia

Attached are several pictures of KD4AA's and K4AWM's mobile operation with
his 6 meter, 2 meter, and 432 cm Moxon antenna arrays, which are mounted in
the bed of his pickup. We call it the "Gorilla Cage". The truck also sports
a 40 Meter "Hamstick" on the cab for low band operation.

Thanks for everything you guys do! Hopefully, I'll see you at the hamfest
in June.

Henry, N4HB

15 March 2014
The K4NVA operation was held at the QTH of Dick, W2YE.  From left is Kevin, WB0POH; Jim, KF4PQL; and Dick, W2YE, standing.

73, Gordon, NQ4K
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