The Sterling Park Amateur Radio Club extends its appreciation to the
2014 Virginia QSO Party
Plaque Sponsors

Plaques available only to Virginia Stations
Virginia Single Operator High Power
North Shenandoah DX Association (
Virginia Single Operator Low Power
Don Sambol, K7CS
Virginia Single Operator Phone High Power Shenandoah Valley ARC (
Virginia Single Operator Phone Low Power John Heartney, KG4NXT
Virginia  Single Operator Phone/Mixed QRP Alexandria Radio Club, W4HFH (
Virginia Single Operator CW QRP Don Baucom, K4YND
Virginia Mobile Multiple Operator
Kevin Stuart, W4KLS, in memory of Howard Stuart, W2VWK  (SK)
Virginia Mobile Single Operator Middle Peninsula Amateur Radio Club, in memory of KI4LXT (SK)
Virginia Expedition Alamance Amateur Radio Club, K4EG  (
Virginia Club Combined Score Vienna Wireless Society (
Virginia Club - Virginia QSOs Only John Huggins, KX4O (
Multiple Operator Single Transmitter Station Mark Travis, KI4OBT
Multiple Operator Multiple Transmitter Station Dr. Joe Palsa, K3WRY
Single Operator CW High Power  (Changed to in-state plaque)
Loudoun Amateur Radio Group (
Single Operator CW Low Power  (Changed to in-state plaque) Loudoun Amateur Radio Group (
Plaques available to any Single Operator Station
Single Operator VHF Only Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society (
Single Operator Novice/Tech/Rookie Richmond Amateur Radio Club (
Single Band Vienna Wireless Society (
Single Operator Virginia Counties/Independent Cities Contacted Franklin County ARC (
Single Operator Digital Mode Chris Walter, KI4CBF
SO Youth (18 or younger) (Enter age in soapbox or on summary sheet) (New 2013. Can be awarded only once per youth.) K4AMG Memorial Amateur Radio Club (
Single Operator VA QSOs Only (New plaque for 2014)
John Huggins, KX4O (
Plaques available to Single Operator stations Outside of Virginia
Outside Virginia Single Operator Alexandria Radio Club, W4HFH (
Outside Virginia  Phone/Mixed QRP Dave Williams, K7HMP
Outside Virginia Single Operator CW QRP Rappahannock Amateur Radio Association (
Plaque available only to a Single Operator DX station (outside US and Canada)
DX Station North Shenandoah DX Association (

Updated: 18 January 2014