2013 Virginia QSO Party

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15 March 2013: Eric, AJ4LN, emails:

As I mentioned at the SPARC meeting last month, if you use N1MM, a really cool sister program is Mult Chaser, which will display all your worked mults on a map of VA in real time. I used it with N1MM in the Minnesota QSO Party, and will use it for the VAQP. You can also map your mults for any past contests you have in N1MM, so I did do a map of my last year's VAQP log (as I showed at the meeting). Here's where you can download the app: Mult Chaser Map display for N1MM https://sites.google.com/site/korkowp1/mult-chaser-help -chaser-help - Eric, AJ4LN
12 March 2013.  John, KX4O, emails:


...you might announce the VAQP spotting cluster and web interface are up, running and ready.


John, KX4O
 8 Mar 13: Bud, W2RU, emails:
Henry & Gordon --

Thanks, guys!  I have forwarded your list of Canadian provinces to K1GQ, author of SkookumLogger for the Mac, which is the contest logging program I will be using in the upcoming QSO Party.  He has added the VA QSO Party to the suite of events SkookumLogger supports (except for the Bonus Points, which users will have to add manually in their score calculation), so if anyone asks you if you know of a suitable contest logging program for the Mac, you can refer them to:


Thanks again!

Bud, W2RU (W4A in Franklin County for the 2013 VA QSO Party) 
8 Mar 13: Henry, K2BFY, emails:  These are the Conadian provinces we use for the Party.

AB    Alberta
BC    BritishColumbia
MB    Manitoba
NB    NewBrunswick
NL    Newfoundlandand
NT    NorthwestTerritories
NS    NovaScotia
NU    Nunavut
ON    Ontario
PE    PrinceEdwardIsland
QC    Quebec
SK    Saskatchewan
YT    Yukon

73, Henry K2BFY

4 Mar 13:  Kevin, KJ4OAP, emails:


Ah, great!  I see someone else has already posted and looks like they will be doing a lot of the same counties, except on the opposite day. That works out great.

Here's my plan for mobiling:

Day one of VAQP:
Halifax (HAL)
Charlotte (CHA)
Prince Edward (PRE)
Cumberland (CUM)
Powhatan (POW)
Amelia (AME)
Nottoway (NOT)
Dinwiddie (DIN)
Sussex (SUS)
South Hampton (SHA)
Emporia (EMX)
Greensville (GVL)
Brunswick (BRW)
Lunenurg (LUN)
Mecklenburg (MEC)

Day two of VAQP:
Danville (DAX)
Pittsylvania Co. (PIT)
Martinsville (MVX)
Henry Co.  (HRY)
Patrick Co. (PAT)
Floyd Co. (FLO)
Montgomery Co. (MON)
Radford City (RAX)
Pulaski (PUL)
Wythe (WYT)
Bland (BLA)

I haven't timed everything out, so I may not get to ones at the end of the list on each day if I run out of time.  I do plan to sit and operate some from each county I get to.  I'll have the traditional APRS on every once in a while, though the coverage might not be that great.  We'll have most of the bands from 80m to 2m going and chasing propagation.

Hope to catch you on the air!


3 Mar 13   Bill, KJ4ADN, emailed:

If I don't get sick (like last year), I plan to run mobile on the following route(s):



Hope to do well, the NC QSO party was a good warm-up, 435 contacts on 40 meters.

KJ4ADN - Bill

28 Feb 13  Andy, K1RA, emails:
I've made my VaQP County map overlay available again on Google Maps at the following short URL:


On the left side of the page is a list of the counties and independent cities and their 3-letter VaQP abbreviations.

Note you can click on a county check box on the left to turn the county on/off in the map.

Likewise you can click on a county on the map and it will display its name and 3-letter abbreviation.

For mobiles, you can zoom in and out to find major roads and county lines, as well as click on the Satellite icon in the upper right and
turn on Terrain mode to check for elevations.

I also encourage mobile ops to consider automatically posting their locations and positions during VaQP weekend using APRS.  There are
several ways one can do this:

Using APRSDroid for Android phones


Using iAPRS for iPhones


Using a standard TNC, laptop, software, GPS and 2m FM on 144.39 MHz.

Please post if you will be using this technology and your call sign so we can keep track of your whereabouts.

73 & Enjoy!

andyz - K1RA

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