2011 Virginia QSO Party

Updated: 15 Mar 11


Here is a link to the foF2 data from Wallops Island for March 2011:

If the trend holds, we can expect 40m NVIS for the contest on Saturday afternoon from  1400-1800 EDT and again on Sunday from 1000-1800 EDT. 

73, Ray KD4RSL
Some logging software makes it difficult to change a call sign entry once it has been entered so it is desirable for mobile stations to call: 

   CQ contest this is K2BFY mobile in Clark county

so that K2BFY/M and CLA may be entered by receiving stations to immediately check for dupes.

You do have to watch out for K2BFY/M being considered a "dupe" if you move from Clarke to Loudoun counties.  The way around this is to log one QSO as K2BFY/CLK, and one as K2BFY/LDN (even entering after the fact should be OK).

Usually there is a way to edit contacts after entering.  Worst case scenario, you have to find a drop down tab, usually under the "file" tab.  I know in Writelog, and I think N1MM, you can just click on the entry and it brings up an edit screen.
The value of software for contest logging is directly proportional to the number of contacts.  For small logs, paper logs may be for OK, but for large logs, dupe checking can be a major problem. It wastes a lot of time that could otherwise be used for making more contacts. 

If you spend some time getting used to the software before the contest, it can be a big help.
73, Dick, W2YE and Henry K2BFY

Subject: Re: 2011 Virginia QSO Party
From: "WA3GIN"
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 23:01:29 -0500
To: "Virginia QSO Party"

   Yes, NVIS is the way to go but you need the D2 layer to be ionized to get the gain.  The Jamaca antenna offer 5db
gain at 90 degrees.
    On 40m the wires are just 18ft over the ground.  On 75m they are 35ft above earth. On 20m they are 8ft but use 10ft and place reflector wires 8ft below.
    During the peak of the last cycle I would run the King George station via the Internet... from Alex. and listening to the signal with a wire in the attic it was 50db over S9 on the NVIS, just 50 air miles in distance. The 40m NVIS performs better than a dipole at 55ft well past 350 miles then the dipole picks up...
    But this year D2 is weak and it will be spotty in performance.  I'll be switching back and forther between a 3 ele yagi and the NVIS to see which is best for a particular time of day.
Hope to work you next weekend,

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Subject: Re: 2011 Virginia QSO Party
> Hi,
> A 20M NVIS should be interesting.
> Our club station has had trouble keeping in-state even on 40M. maybe NVIS is the answer.
> See you in the Party,
> 73, Gordon, NQ4K

> On, 3/11/2011 8:40 PM, WA3GIN emailed::
>> Thanks,
>> I'm pretty sure we're the smallest club in NOVA but we do what we can...
>> guys are really excited about VAQSO party...we've been building NVIS
>> antennas... using Jamaca model got one for 75m and 40m but D2 layer
>> isn't very ionized these days so 90 degree takeoff angle isn't working
>> 100% of the time but there are a few hours a day on both bands when it
>> appears and then disappears. Some of the boys are even building 20m
>> NVIS...what a hoot.
>> Best,
>> dave
>> wa3gin

Subject: VA QP Sussex County Operation
From: w4vx
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 14:09:58 -0600
To: nq4k


Ray, W4IOW and I plan on operating "W4S" from Sussex county for the duration of the VAQP.  We will be operating multi/multi low power.  Thought I would pass along the info incase you are high lighting an operations from rarer counties/cities on your web page.

Looking forward to the contest!
Chris W4VX.

Subject: VaQP County Map on Google Maps
To: larg
Date: Friday, February 25, 2011, 9:18 AM

    Andy, K1RA, a member of FARA, has created a nice multiplier overlay map of Virginia that may be handy during VAQP.  Below is the link and his comments:
73/Paul, K4MSG
   On the left side of the page is a list of the counties and independent cities and their 3-letter VaQP abbreviations.

   Note you can click on a county check box on the left to turn the county on/off in the map.

   Likewise you can click on a county on the map and it will display its name and 3-letter abbreviation.

   For mobiles, you can zoom in and out to find major roads and county lines, as well as click on the Satellite icon in the upper right and turn on Terrain mode to check for elevations.

andyz - K1RA

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