2007 Virginia QSO Party
Briefing Schedule

Updated:  21 March 2007

Presentation Offer: The following groups are on Gordon's schedule for a presentation on the 2007 Virginia QSO Party. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation for your club or other interested group, please contact Gordon at nq4k@arrl.net.

Club Name
13 October 2006
Alexandria Radio Club http://w4hfh.org/
Completed. 19 members present.   2007_VQP_Brief_Alex_ARA_1.JPG  2007_VQP_Brief_Alex_ARA_2.JPG         
27 October 2006
Vienna Wireless Association http://www.viennawireless.org/
Completed. 26 members present. 2007_VQP_Brief_VWS_1.jpg 2007_VQP_Brief_VWS_2.jpg
8 December 2006
Richmond Amateur Radio Club (http://www.rarclub.net/)
Completed. 33 members present. 2007_VQP_Brief_RARClub.jpg
19 January 2006
Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society (RATS) (http://www.rats.net/) Completed. 31 members present. 2007_VQP_Brief_RATS_1_sm.JPG,     2007_VQP_Brief_RATS_2_sm.JPG2007_VQP_Brief_RATS_3_sm.JPG,   2007_VQP_Brief_RATS_4_sm.JPG
2 February 2007
Shenandoah Valley Amateur Radio Club (http://www.svarc.us/)
Completed. 16 members present. 2007_VQP_Brief_SVARC_1_sm.JPG, 2007_VQP_Brief_SVARC_2_sm.JPG, 2007_VQP_Brief_SVARC_3_sm.JPG
8 February 2007
Rappahannock ARA Completed. 19 members present. 2007_VQP_Brief_at_RARA_sm.jpg
18 February 2007
Frostfest, (http://www.frostfest.com/)sponsored by the Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society (http://www.rats.net/)
Attended. Passed out a few hundred hundred flyers. Helped by Dick, W2YE, and Bill, WF1L 2007_VQP_Brief_at_Winterfest_sm.JPG.
23 February 2007
Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club (http://w4ca.net/)
Completed. 35 members present. 2007_VQP_Brief_Roanoke_Valley_ARC_sm1.JPG, 2007_VQP_Brief_Roanoke_Valley_ARC_sm2.JPG, 2007_VQP_Brief_Roanoke_Valley_ARC_sm3.JPG
25 February 2007
WinterFest (http://www.viennawireless.org/winterfest.php)
Dick, W2YE, passed out flyers.
1 March 2007
Virginia Beach Amateur Radio Club (http://www.w4ug.com/
Completed.  42 members present. 2007_VQP_Brief_at_VBARC_sm1.JPG, 2007_VQP_Brief_at_VBARC_sm2.JPG, 2007_VQP_Brief_at_VBARC_sm3.JPG
8 March 2007
Mount Vernon ARC http://www.mvarc.com/
Completed. 16 members present
17 March 2007
Loudoun Amateur Radio Group (LARG) http://www.k4lrg.org/
Completed. 21 members present.

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