2004 Virginia QSO Party 


28 May 2004
     The time has been set for the awards ceremony at the Manassas hamfest. The ceremony will be held at 10:00 AM.

23 May 2004
     The plaque winners list has been finalized. The names have been sent out for the plaques to be engraved.

14 May 2004    
The preliminary assignment of Plaque Winners has been posted to the web site. This is a tentative assignment and may change as the log review continues.

11 May 2004
     The log submission page has been updated with all known log entries and corrections. There are now 138 log submissions. 

23 April 2004
    The log submission page has been updated with all known log entries. This includes the logs that were emailed to Gordon - NQ4K as well as the ones that were mail via regular post. An initial review of the logs was conducted at the last SPARC meeting on 19 April. A final review of the logs will be completed in the near future to verify the logs of the high scorers in all plaque categories.

8 April 2004
     The log submission page has been updated several times and lists 75 entries. To the best of our knowledge it reflects all readable logs received by SPARC through 5 April 2003.

The deadline for submitting logs is 15 April 2004. SPARC will score the logs at its monthly meeting on 19 April 2004.

8 April 2004 
    I extracted the following from an email concerning scoring with WriteLog.

 ... The logging program, WriteLog, has a third-party module for the VA QSO Party.

That module has a bug in it (not the WriteLog program itself).  When scoring a mobile log, it does NOT give 100 points for each county operated from.  (And it never has.)  In my case, the calculated score was 400 points less than it should have been.   (It ALWAYS pays to make a reasonableness test.)

I am working with the author of the module ...

73,   Larry   K3HE

22 March 2004
     Received the following Email from Andy -WV8AA about his logging program

Good morning!!

I hope everybody had a good time at the Party. 

Based on the hit-count on my web page, I'd say many of you figured out how to log AJ1M from Rhode Island.  Most of you probably logged him to another state and kept going.  I put a fix on the web Sunday morning.  All you need to do with the new program is to edit the log with the correct state and recalculate your score.

I had a question about the 'clock' on the logging screen.  It is not a real-time clock and does not get updated every second.  It does track with the computer clock and get updated everytime you log a QSO (i.e., everytime you press F1).

Remember that QSO's with VA mobiles require the /M with the call.  WV8AA/M is mobile; WV8AA is not.

As always, please let me know what if you have questions or problems.

The best ways to give me feedback are...
  [email protected]
  [email protected]
21 March 2004    Its 10:30. The Virginia QSP Party is over.  I had a great time being an operator at the K4NVA station. Thank you very much for your participation and for making this a memorable event. Our next task is to collect all the party submissions in time for our next Sterling Park ARC club meeting where we will review all the summary sheets and logs. You can help us by getting your submissions in early. We will post meat-data about the submissions as we get them. We should have a web page up in a few days. Thanks again. Gordon - NQ4K

19 March 2004
     Its Friday, its after work, and I am finally home.  The Virginia QSP Party starts tomorrow at 1 PM Local and I am looking forward to it. Dick, W2YE, has the club station, K4NVA, organized and we have operators lined up. All set to go. I hope the rest of you are all set also.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the air.

73,  Gordon - NQ4K

13 March 2004
    Received the following email.

Greetings to my favorite contesters(grin)!! I have upgraded my VA QSO Party Logger to handle the 15-minute rule for 2004. The new software is available at my web site, http://users.starpower.net/awarnold/home.html. Most changes are to the main logging screen and to support the 15-minute rule; everything else should be the same as last year.
Let me know what if you have questions or problems. The best ways to give me feedback are...  [email protected] [email protected]  703-573-6044 
Thanks and 73
 --Andy   WV8AA

27 February 2004
    New River Wireless Association  has volunteered to sponsor a new plaque. The title is "High Single Band."  SPARC extends its appreciation to the New River Wireless Association for sponsoring this new plaque and to Mike, K4IJ, for his efforts in coordinating this addition to the Virginia QSO Party.

27 February 2004     Franklin County Amateur Radio Club has volunteered to sponsor a new plaque. The title is "High Virginia Counties/Independent Cities Contacted - Single Operator."  SPARC extends its appreciation to the Franklin County ARC for sponsoring this new plaque and to Stan, K4UK, for his efforts in coordinating this new plaque.

24 February 2004     Some email sent to Gordon, NQ4K, at the address "[email protected]" is not making it through to Gordon's AOL email account. If you have sent Gordon an email and have not received a response, please resend the email using the email address "[email protected]."

21 February 2004     A Summary Sheet for scoring has been added to the web page. The Summary Sheet is available in MS Word, PDF and HTML formats. The Summary Sheet from last year is still good also (except there are 39 independent cities this year instead of 42 as on last year's Summary Sheet).

21 February 2004     29 Days until the 2004 Virginia QSP Party.

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