The Strathcona Radio Volunteers provides radio communication along with general manpower to public service, charity, and general events in and around Strathcona County. The club also provides backup communication to the Emergency Services of Strathcona County.

Not sure if the Strathcona Radio Volunteers can provide the communications you need?
The club has provided communications coverage for a variety of foot, bicycle and automobile races, including the Terry Fox Run, Velocity Cycle Race, and the Bighorn Rally. Any venue, from a couple hundred meters to hundreds of kilometers in length, the club can provide information on location of participants, relay scoring information, and dispatch emergency response vehicles to any point along your route.

Planning an event that may require organization during the operation of the event?
The club can provide radio communication within the event to facilitate rapid deployment, or redistribution of personnel, saving a lot of wasted time running around contacting everyone.




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