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Lee Hendrickson, K6LQT Send email or connect to Lee's Home Page
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Mission Statement

SRA’s mission is to provide a membership-supported, linked amateur radio UHF repeater system that provides reliable communications throughout the major population centers of Northern California in support of community events, non-profit emergency and disaster relief agencies, and SRA’s membership.

In support of the above-stated mission, SRA will:

·         Provide a feature-rich system that can be readily configured for daily enjoyment or for a particular event or emergency situation

·         Employ sound technical practices, commercial-grade equipment, and knowledgeable site managers to ensure that the system is reliable, especially in the event of an emergency

·         Maintain a sufficient spares inventory to permit rapid change-out of equipment at each site

·         Make the system available to non-members for scheduled events as well as emergencies

·         Foster an environment where members with all levels of skill can be challenged to participate in technical and non-technical activities to heighten their enjoyment of the system as well as to maintain and improve the system

·         Encourage experimentation, learning and exploring new ideas that may enhance the utility, reliability and fun using SRA’s system (e.g., portable repeaters, IRLP, remote bases, control systems, etc.)

·         Encourage members to create and actively participate in club events including contests, Field Day, public amateur radio displays, school programs, etc.

·         Create a positive, upbeat operating environment that welcomes new potential members and encourages system usage and experimentation

·         Create a “membership-sponsored” environment that is open to all amateurs who are willing to support the mission.


SRA is a membership supported radio club open to all radio amateurs.  Membership in SRA is open to those who share a sincere interest in remote base, linked repeater systems, and public service communications in time of need. If you are interested, please drop us a note via email and we will be happy to talk to you about membership. To speed our reply, please answer the following questions with your inquiry, then email your inquiry to George, KJ6VU .
Name and call of SRA or Cactus Intertie members you know
Why are you interested in being an SRA member?
What can you contribute to the system?  (Time, expertise, equipment, etc...)
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What kind of person joins SRA?

Most SRA members are technically inclined and share a keen interest in designing, building, maintaining and using linked repeaters and remote base stations. Most SRA members are also interested in various aspects of ham radio including HF, QRP CW, field day, packet, satellite, emergency communications and public service. Members often volunteer to help build circuit boards, tune radios and antennas, and install equipment at radio sites.  We encourage all radio amateurs to contact us about membership.

What do we expect of members?

As a membership supported club, all members are expected to support the club financially. It costs a lot of money to build and maintain several radio sites so club members pay annual dues. Dues are $100 per year and covers both spouses and kids. Donations of equipment and parts are also appreciated.  We wish we did not have to ask for dues but paying for good radio sites is expensive.  Over time, as we add more members, we would like to be able to drop the cost of the dues, but for now this is a necessity.  If you are a full time student, on a fixed income, or can not contribute financially at this time, contact us anyway to see what we can work out.

Is this an open or closed system?

Neither!  We call ourselves member supported.  All radio amateurs are invited to join the club and support our club mission.  All members are control operators. Members may configure the network to facilitate their communications needs. Many sites throughout the Intertie provide users with down-links onto other bands including 2m, and to the internet via the Internet Radio Linking Project.