by Gary Spence
(originally CK's Ode To Dah Code)

We' ve all heard the cry "abandon the code!,
it's useless outdated, NOT a mod-er-n mode!"
So I said to myself, "could codes' day really be over?
Best left for SKs' fer-til-iz-n' the clover?"

So off went my paddle 'n keyer to a museum,
so those curious of our "past" could drop in an' see um.
I then bought a computer and a box I was told...
would update my station, using all hi-tech modes.

It then was set up, all by my own hand...
the screen it lit up et voilą Heard Is-land!
I switched to transmit to" talk with this gent"
but my screen read "sorry, can't copy 100%!"

"There's static, interference if you could hear it you'd agree...
if it ain't armchair copy we machines cry c'est la vie!"
It then said "there is as YOU know a way to get through,
it's called the code, and what luck for you!"
"You've learned this art, you "stuck it out"
'tis a valuable tool, there isn't a doubt."
"You' ve invested your time, and besides the code you did learn,
possession of valuable skills must be... EARNED!"
So I say to you now don't get fooled when some say...
"Codes an' old dinosaur fadin' away!"
It's part of our past, present and future existence...
anti-coders prepare for "beaucoup de resistence"