SpotCollector Defects

Number Description Version corrected
1 the caption of Size Limit panel (on Database Tab of Configuration window) is incorrect; the value shown is the current number of entries in the Spot database 1.0.1
2 Spot database window "color coding" sometimes flickers or disappears 1.0.1
3 Spot database entries should capture all origins (rather than the most recent origin) and be filtered accordingly 1.0.4
4 Spots don't appear on the DXView world map, despite correct filter settings 1.0.1
5 Disabled DX cluster and/or IRC windows appear after startup 1.0.1
6 Band, mode, and origin filters fail to initialize properly
7 double clicking on a spot in a Telnet DX Cluster window does not properly initialize the DXKeeper Capture window 1.0.3
8 no Spot Database entries are created when run from locales using dd/mm/yyyy date formats 1.0.6
9 frequencies are displayed improperly when run from locales using the comma as a decimal separator 1.0.6
10 clicking First or Last Spot Database navigation button with an empty Spot Database produces a runtime error 1.0.7
11 clicking on a Spot Database entry fails to QSY the transceiver when run from locales using the period as a thousands separator 1.0.8
12 clearing the spot database resets the spot filter and sort order 1.1.1
13 Selecting a different Telnet cluster to serve as the Spot destination fails to clear the previous cluster's Spot radio button 1.1.2
14 delimiters (e.g. +, -, <, > ) are stripped from notes 1.1.5
15 SpotCollector doesn't regain access to the current log's progress table after DXKeeper completes a Recompute Progress operation 1.1.6
16 Spots generated by a SH/DX are captured without the QSO mode 1.1.9
17 Runtime error when run on Japanese Windows 1.2.0
18 Improper handling of frequency in non-English locales results in improper band and mode assignments 1.2.2
19 corrects defect introduced in 1.1.9 that can produce "illegal use of null" program errors 1.2.6
20 saves web server parameters between sessions 1.2.7
21 spot database window size is not preserved between sessions 1.3.0
22 bandmodes.txt file contains extra linefeeds 1.3.1
23 deactivating main window generates runtime error if spot database display is empty 1.3.3
24 the Need filter works incorrectly when all boxes on the Awards tab of DXKeeper's Config window are unchecked 1.3.3
25 the spot database prune date fails in non-English locales 1.3.5
26 overflow error in clustermodule.processincoming 1.3.6
27 spot database grid column order is not preserved 1.3.6
28 double-clicking on a spot database entry with a split frequency does not properly set the transceiver's VFO-B when running from a European locale 1.3.8
29 double-clicking on a DX spot in a telnet cluster window does not properly QSY the transceiver when running from a European locale 1.3.8
30 Various windows have random tab order 1.3.9
31 spots from the CQDX IRC channel are not captured if you connect to the channel #CQDX instead of CQDX 1.4.0
32 spots erroneously rejected as "too old" because month and day of current time are reversed during certain date ranges on certain XP systems  1.4.3
33 macro button captions are not displayed when a packet, IRC, or cluster window is first enabled 1.4.7
34 connecting to packet clusters via nodes, e.g. 'db0mdx v db0sm', results in spots not being recorded in the spot database 1.4.7
35 TNC model listbox is not populated unless the PacketCluster spot source is enabled 1.4.8
36 don't display PacketCluster window if TNC serial port is in use 1.5.0
37 disable Spot button if no spot source is selected 1.5.0
38 disable Outgoing Spot selector for disabled spot sources 1.5.0
39 the Reset button on the Config window's Display Fonts tab does not reset Packet Cluster colors to their default values 1.5.2
40 Show 0 as Ø option doesn't work 1.5.2
41 pre-configuring a connection to the CQDX telnet cluster is inappropriate for packetcluster users without an internet connection 1.5.3
42 run-time error after initially entering Callsign on some systems 1.5.3
43 PacketCluster font and background colors are not remembered between sessions 1.5.3
44 WWV panel caption omits time 1.5.5
45 results from SH/WWV don't update the WWV panel or PropView if they are more recent that the current values 1.5.5
46 Packet cluster font and background colors are set to black the first time SpotCollector is run after installation 1.5.6
47 QSX frequencies with more than 10 digits generate an errorlog.txt file 1.5.7
48 defect introduced in 1.5.7 prevents hyphens in cluster login fields from working correctly 1.5.8
49 an incoming spot with an illegal (e.g. non-numeric) frequency causes a type mismatch report in errorlog.txt 1.5.9
50 results of a SH/WWV command aren't captured for 1-digit dates 1.5.9
51 a spot request via WinWarbler when no spot source is selected results in an errorlog entry 1.6.0
52 the DXCC country name popup that appears when the mouse cursor hovers over a DXCC prefix in the Spot Database window displays incorrect county names for certain DXCC prefixes 1.6.0
53 automatically generated Prune dates are incorrect 1.6.0
54 terminating SpotCollector via the Windows Task Manager, but logging off the current Windows user, or by shutting down Windows loses the Band, Filter, and Mode settings 1.6.1
55 user modifications to the spot database grid display's column order are retained without distorion 1.6.3
56 spot database grid display column selections are not reset by incoming spots 1.6.3
57 whenever the spot database window loses focus, the spot database grid display is set to autoscroll mode  1.6.3
58 webserver doesn't handle appended port# (e.g. http:/ ) 1.6.6
59 can't close Statistics window 1.6.7
60 Continent filter window tooltips are ambiguous 1.6.8
61 Mode filter button tooltip is incorrect 1.6.8
62 Spot Database grid font metrics are not saved between sessions 1.6.8
63 Continent statistics routine generates errorlog entries when the continent is indeterminate 1.6.9
64 on startup, spot statistics for previous hour's spots (if any) are incorrect if filters were in force when SpotCollector was last shutdown 1.7.0
65 band, mode, continent, and origin filters do not properly initialize on startup (regression introduced in 1.6.6) 1.7.3
66 the results of SH/WWV are not properly captured when running a non-English locale 1.7.3
67 UpdateSpotStatistics loop 1.7.4
68 Need filter displays spots of stations already worked 1.7.4
69 handle illegal Config settings without termination 1.7.4
70 Spot Statistics are invalid in the origin filter is not set to All 1.7.6
71 Requery log recordset when a new log entry is added 1.7.5
72 Compact the Spot Database at startup, and whenever it is cleared 1.7.5
73 Eliminate unnecessary database actions when updating an existing Spot Database entry 1.7.5
74 when conveying a spot to DXView, send the timestamp from the spot rather than the current PC's time 1.7.7
75 generating a spot from locales not using . as the decimal separator will fail 1.7.8
76 gracefully handle spots whose frequency is a single decimal point 1.8.0
77 results of SH/WWV from a packetcluster uses the font color specified for TelnetCluster WWV results rather than PacketCluster WWV results 1.8.0
78 always look for the solar history file SolarHistory.txt in SpotCollector's folder 1.8.2
79 immediately save Band Filter, Mode Filter, Origin Filter, and Continent Filter changes, rather than wait until SpotCollector is terminated 1.8.2
80 in the Solar History display, the lower bound for the A index axis can be incorrectly computed, resulting in A values plotted below the Date axis  1.8.2
81 leading or trailing spaces appended to cluster or IRC addresses prevent connection 1.8.3
82 eliminate error that can occur when the Spot Database is empty 1.8.7
83 don't automatically enable the logging of diagnostic information when an error occurs 1.8.7
84 eliminate regression in Spot Database display 1.8.8
85 ignore WWV spots whose SFI, A, or K parameters are out of their defined ranges 1.9.1
86 correct error Solar History K axis that occurs with very large A 1.9.1
87 immediately "repaint" Spot Database Display after a double-click 1.9.1
88 Spot Statistics not visible 1.9.3
89 correct regression introduced in 1.9.1 that prevents the capture of SH/WWV results from Telnet or Packet clusters running CLX software 1.9.6
90 error when displaying Config window 1.9.7
91 changes to the Audio Alarm sound pathname entered via the keyboard aren't saved between sessions 1.9.7
92 Show Control Explanations checkbox setting isn't saved between sessions 1.9.7
93 Gracefully handle and report an already-open web server port 1.9.9
94 when examining the results of a SH/DX operation on a telnet cluster or packet cluster, extract the date from the spot rather than assume "today" 2.0.0
95 after the a left-click on a Spot Database entry, wait half a second before performing a DXView lookup  to be sure that the left-click isn't the first-half of a double-click 2.0.1
96 text pasted into a cluster window transmit pane is invisible on some systems 2.0.1
97 gracefully handle spots with bogus frequencies 2.0.2
98 KG4XXX calls are from the US fourth call area, not Guantanamo 2.0.4
99 Spot Database tooltips should be suppressed if the Spot Database is empty 2.0.5
100 Don't require Commander to be running in order to perform a Spot from DXkeeper's Capture window 2.0.6
101 Frequency filter fails in non-English locales 2.0.7
102 Striking an ESC in the PacketCluster window appends the escape character to the end of the transmit window and repositions the cursor to the beginning of the transmit window rather than inserting the ESC at the selected position 2.0.8
103 Unneeded spot database entries are rendered in black rather than in the color specified on the Config window's Display Fonts panel 2.0.8
104 The web server generates an Errorlog.txt entry if the spot database is empty 2.0.8
105 double-clicking on a RTTY spot database entry initializes DXKeeper to the RTTY transceiver mode (which might be set to USB) rather than RTTY 2.1.0
106 spelling error in DXCC tooltip 2.1.0
108 always set windowstate to normal before saving window position; then restore windowstate 2.1.0
109 KL7 origin should be NAW, not SA 2.1.1
107 PSK spot database entries should be flagged as "needed" for RTTY 2.1.2
110 eliminate "reasonability" restrictions on the rate at which the A index can change 2.1.2
111 for spots by NA stations not in K, VE, or KL7, use CQ zones to determine whether they are in NA-E, NA-M, or NA-W 2.1.3
112 DXCC prefix not provided to DXKeeper when in log filter is "entity" (regression introduced in 2.1.8) 2.1.9
113 "up 1" QSX is improperly computed (regression introduced in 2.2.1) 2.2.2
114 save changes to Cluster, IRC, and Packet window font setting immediately, rather than waiting for SpotCollector shutdown 2.2.3
115 DX clusters incorrectly auto-reconnect in certain circumstances 2.2.4
116 initialize Cluster and IRC font settings on startup rather than waiting for Cluster window or IRC window initialization 2.2.4
117 when first installed, wait to display the Main window until the user has specified a callsign 2.2.4
118 correctly handles 'Simplex' in Spot notes of a new spot database entry 2.2.4
119 save Cluster and IRC setup parameters when they are changed, rather than at program termination 2.2.5
120 FM mode spots are announced as "Martinique" 2.2.6
121 KG4 2x1 callsigns are in the US, not Guantanamo 2.2.7
122 ZC4 spots are announced as Cyprus rather than "Cyprus UK Military Bases" 2.2.7
123 correct frequency alignment in Spot Database report 2.2.9
124 never transmit slashed zero characters to telnet clusters, IRC clusters, or packet clusters 2.2.9
125 save Packet setup parameters when they are changed, rather than at program termination 2.2.9
126 /CTCP dxs sh/wwv 30 in the IRC window fails if executed during January 2.3.4
127 Spot report generates errorlog.txt entries 2.3.5
128 a spot database entry created by a spot whose origin is hidden by the origin filter will not be announced when a later spot is received from a non-hidden origin 2.3.6
129 the ZC4 announcement contains extraneous information 2.3.6
130 SpotDatabaseUI.FetchRowStyle generates an errorlog.txt entry when encountering null database fields 2.3.7
131 recognize "SSB" as a legal mode when inspecting spot notes 2.3.8
132 "up X" where X is larger than 32767 generates an errorlog.txt entry 2.3.9
133 double-clicking on a Spot Database Entry disables autoscroll, but the "move-to-last" arrow is not enabled until the next spot arrives 2.4.0
134 the Filter panel caption is erroneously initialized to "None" 2.4.0
135 the Mode and Continent filter windows should not be resizable 2.4.0
136 ensure that the Spot Database Grid is selected when the user clicks the record selection column so that striking the Delete key deletes the entry 2.4.1
137 double-clicking on a Spot Database Entry doesn't update Pathfinder with the callsign if DXKeeper is running and there are previous QSOs with the spotted station 2.4.2
138 spot notes conveyed in spots from other DXLab applications should appear in the spot notes textbox, not appended to the callsign textbox 2.4.3
139 terminate by unloading all members of the Forms collection rather than invoking End 2.4.5
140 set QSX to 0 before directing WinWarbler to QSY if "Set Xcvr Split" is disabled 2.4.6
141 SpotCollector fails to close correctly on some systems (regression introduced in 2.4.6) 2.4.7
142 When shutting down, send each connected Telnet cluster a "Bye" command before terminating the connection 2.4.9
143 the Web server should respond to a WebDAV methods with a "501 not implemented" response 2.5.0
144 When disconnecting from a cluster, only send a "Bye" command if the telnet connection is still connected 2.5.2
145 checking wrong DXKeeper registry entry for PSK award enablement 2.5.4
146 prevent incoming spots from reversing the relocation of a spot database column 2.5.6
147 SpotDatabaseModule.SpotGridScrolled generates an errorlog.txt entry 2.5.8
148 if Autoscroll is disabled or a column move is in progress, display a blue "Autoscroll Disabled" indicator and keep the Spot Database Display stable by not displaying new Spot Database entries; if new spot database entries arrive while Autoscroll is disabled, change the color of "Autoscroll Disabled" from blue to red. 2.5.9
149 eliminate errorlog.txt entry from UpdateKeyboardHeight in ClusterDisplayModule, IRCDisplayModule, and PacketDisplayModule 2.6.1
150 FormatLogDisplay can replace the current column widths with default widths 2.6.3
151 Autoscroll is autonomously re-enabled by the next new Spot Database Entry after the Spot Database Display's Column widths are adjusted or after the currently-selected Spot Database Entry is clicked 2.6.3
152 Use 10mHz to choose between USB and LSB 2.6.4
153 the DXCC entity for a callsign bearing a /N where N is a single numeric digit should be determined by substituting N for the right-most digit in the prefix (rather than the left-most digit) 2.6.5
154 characters pasted into a cluster, IRC, or packetcluster window's Keyboard pane using a CTRL-V do not appear, though they are present 2.6.5
155 properly decode the DXCC entity of callsigns like KG4XXX/B, KC4AAA/QRP, and KC4/AA6YQ when DXView isn't running 2.6.6
156 send expanded spot information in DDE command to WinWarbler so that it can generate outgoing DDE Commands to DXKeeper and Pathfinder (rather than let SpotCollector do this, which caused a race condition) 2.6.7
157 work around missing "Z" in times received from #CQDX that were generating spurious QSX frequencies 2.6.7
158 if attempting to read progress from the currently-open log's progress table fails, try to recover by closing and then-reopening that log 2.6.7
159 the Forward navigation button works correctly 2.6.8
160 ensure that retrying dead servers doesn't interfere with in-progress cluster connections 2.7.0
161 when the Band filter is set to "transceiver band only", a new frequency should only update the band filters if the band has changed 2.7.1
162 eliminates excessive CPU consumption when resizing the Main window 2.7.4
163 if the response to a SH/DX contains no spots notes but its predecessor specified a QSX, the Spot Database entry will be erroneously created with the predecessor's QSX 2.7.5
164 suppress any QSX whose band doesn't match that of the DX station's transmitting frequency 2.7.5
166 use HTTP format filenames when invoking the browser on a help file 2.7.6
167 don't sent spots to Commander that don't survive the current Band Filter 2.7.7
168 do not update Spot Database progress when DXKeeper logs a QSO to a log other than the one SpotCollector is referencing for award progress  2.7.8
165 certain actions cause the Spot Database to temporarily lose its font colors 2.7.9
166 from a prefix-mapping perspective, treat callsign/N where N is an integer great than 9 as callsign 2.8.0
167 eliminate mapping of KC4XXX to Antarctica; let the DXCC database identify individual Antarctic calls  2.8.1
168 deletion confirmation causes application crash (regression introduced in 2.8.2) 2.8.3
169 for callsigns of the form A/B, if the length of A is equal to the length of B, then A designates the DXCC entity 2.8.4
170 clicking on a column to the left of the Callsign column disables autoscroll 2.8.4
171 Striking characters in the IRC window’s transmit pane before a connection is made causes a runtime error 2.8.5
172 don't display tooltips when the mouse cursor hovers over unused portions of the spot database display 2.8.5
173 correct defect that can result in duplicate spot database entries in response to sh/dx 2.8.5
174 "play intro on startup" appears on all Config window tabs 2.8.7
175 correct regression introduced in 2.8.5 that causes inconsistent updates of existing spots in pruned spot databases 2.9.1
176 ensure the spot database is properly rendered after a change in filter 2.9.3
177 when determining whether a callsign has been previously worked in PSK, include PSK63 QSOs 2.9.4
178 working a previously-needed PSK station does not properly update the spot database entry color 2.9.4
179 on startup, ensure that left-most column is visible 2.9.5
180 reject illegal web server request as "unsupported" 2.9.6
181 ignore callsigns containing an apostrophe 2.9.9
182 reduce spotgrid celltips delay to overcome intermittency 2.9.9
183 request a frequency update from Commander before generating a spot 3.0.0
184 prohibit excessive font sizes in the Spot Database display 3.0.0
185 correct miscoloring of RTTY and PSK Spot Database entries 3.0.0
186 with DXView not running, properly decode callsigns of the form  RA3XX/6/P 3.0.1
187 enable login to the $CQDX IRC cluster with a callsign beginning with a number 3.0.2
188 disable the popup menu's Request Propagation Forecast item if DXView isn't running 3.0.3
189 mark automatic DXView update requests as ignorable 3.0.4
190 correctly handle the case where DXView clears the LotWDatabase filename 3.0.5
191 eliminate errorlog.txt entry generated by HiddenFilterUI.UnHideCmd_Click when the Spot Database Display is empty 3.0.7
192 eliminate errorlog.txt entry generated by SpotDatabaseUI.SpotGrid_Click when right-clicking a header row 3.0.7
193 send the correct mode specification to Commander and WinWarbler when CW-R is selected 3.1.2
194 if the mode is not specified in the spot notes, determine it from DX station's transmit frequency, not the QSX frequency 3.1.3
195 a "force rejection" error occurring when attempting to connect to a telnet cluster should not generate an errorlog.txt entry 3.1.6
196 if a spot's callsign is overridden, it should not be considered a match with existing spot database entries created before the override was specified 3.1.8
197 if the specified spot database filename doesn't exist and can't be created, inform the user but don't generate an errorlog.txt entry and don't allow the DAO datasource selection windows to appear 3.1.9
198 extract QSX frequencies from local spot notes submitted via WinWarbler 3.1.9
199 use operator location in spot database entries generated or updated by the user's spots 3.2.0
200 properly combine spots for which an entity override is active into a single spot database entry 3.2.6
201 CTRL-clicking an SQL filter button should ensure that the SQL Filter window is not minimized 3.2.7
202 compensate for CQ-DX failure to insert a space between callsign and spot notes if callsign is greater than 12 characters in length  3.2.8
203 properly deduce the DXCC entity of callsigns like VU4AN/VU3ABC 3.2.8



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