Speculator Amateur Radio Club

- Girl Scout Amateur Radio Patch Requirements -

Junior Girl Scouts:

  1. Learn what Amateur Radio is.
  2. Who are Amateur Radio operators and what are some public services they perform?
  3. How do you become an Amateur Radio operator?
  4. Visit an Amateur Radio operator or invite him or her to demonstrate radios to your Troop.
  5. Find out about Amateur Radio clubs and if (or when), they give classes to become an Amateur Radio operator.
  6. Learn how radio waves travel.
  7. Find out how Amateur Radio operators can communicate with hams in other countries who do not speak English. Make a list of some of the "Q" signals used.
  8. Learn how "traffic messages" are handled.
  9. List some of the ways to have fun being an Amateur Radio operator.

Cadette Girl Scout or Senior Girl Scout:

  1. Complete the Junior Girl Scout patch requirements.
  2. Draw a block diagram which includes a transceiver, microphone, antenna and feed line.
  3. Draw 10 schematic symbols often used in radio diagrams and explain what each part does.
  4. Explain the difference between an open circuit, a closed circuit and a short circuit.
  5. List 5 typical Amateur Radio call signs.
  6. With the help of a local Amateur Radio operator, talk to and properly log at least two voice, or two Morse code, contacts.