Attention to all QRP beginners !!

You must not build a sophisticated QRP transceiver  at all to be a recognized QRP HAM.

Let's start with one week-end project and build a very simple 80m CW transmitter.

All components are easy obtainable and cheap. You must have a little skill in soldering, that's all.

The 80m receiver is not covered there, but I hope that you'll find a solution for this.

80m VXO TX schematics.jpg (37635 bytes)

Schematics of 80m VXO transmitter

Transmitter is based on   innovative idea to pull pair of "colourburst" crystals as low as possible to cover at least QRP portion of 80m band. This is done by adding couple of chokes and variable capacitor in series with two 3579kHz crystals. If the range is not enough small 2,4pF capacitor may be added between 100uH chokes. Keying VXO directly produces satisfactory clean tone between 3550kHz and 3578kHz. Working lower results with some chirp due to edge conditions of VXO. I hope that schematics needs no further explanations, but whenever problem exist do not hesitate to E-mail me. I also would appreciate any comments or messages on your already working VXO TX.