Eighty - Oner

For many Hams 80m band is most accesible, so I developed another one-watter based on VXO.

The rig is already assembled and working. All I have to do is silkscreening of front and rear panels. This will take some time. Eighty-Oner was built using pre-drilled universal board as you can see below. 

eighty-oner 2003.jpg (85517 bytes)

Eighty Oner - schematics


Eighty Oner as you can see is based on Direct Conversion receiver and VXO transmitter. Receiver is very sensitive and BCI filtering is excellent. The only disadvantage is a popping click in headphones during   transmitting. If you can't stand this, install optional switch which grounds   mixer/detector output. This helps but requires another hole in front panel   and there is not full QSK then. For me this popping is not a problem.


Copy of 80-oner board complete.JPG (59792 bytes)



The concept is based on Wayne's NB6M idea and attempt to find an answer - "How low can we go with VXO". Thank you Wayne for your support   which resulted in pushing pair of "colorburst crystals" veeery low. The range of RX is 3490 kHz - 3578kHz. TX range is smaller (due to poor transmitter's tone), but covers 3545kHz - 3578kHz. Good enough for QRP!!




               "Eighty-Oner" board finished


Copy of eighty-oner-no front.JPG (58872 bytes)



 First QSO was made on 13.01.2003 with UR5RA

    RST received was 579 !

    Another   contacts I made on 02.02.2003 with HA, YU and YL stations receiving 579 twice and 599 once.

   Output power measured is 1,1W



                    "Eighty-Oner"   inside look