Lidia 40 project

Direct conversion receiver CW/SSB for 40m band


When Lidia 80 was completed and fully tested I decided like during previous projects Aquarius, Taurus and Libra try to run on other bands. My choice was 7MHz because this band is wider than before and full of stations to listen to. Quickly recalculated VFO and front-end and RX started flawlesly. Then I added digital redaout and put everything into more artistic plastic case with illumination. I omit prints not to cover the look inside. I know what the knobs are for, anyway :-) So if you are bored with 80m SWL-ing you can convert receiver to 40m band very easy. Other bands like 20m and higher are not possible because of limitations of MC3361 VFO.




Photo gallery of "Lidia 40"


 "Lidia 40" DC receiver



Rear view

White LEDs make all visible through red transparent panel.



"Lidia 40" - open front

Plasctic cases are cheap, good looking and very easy to work with.


The most beautiful look of  "Lidia 40"

Instead of typical tuning potentiometer I used multiturn one for smooth tuning



See the short movie of "Lidia 40" - Click HERE


Schematics of  "Lidia 40"

Modifications of VFO and front-end are distinguish in black bold and values are in red. New component is capacitor 22pF parallel to captrimmer.

Digital readout of any kind might be attached, therefore FET follower is shown.

W moim przypadku konieczny był jeszcze prosty wzmacniacz, aby wysterować licznik w.g. DL4YHF ( już ze wzmacniaczem)


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