Dave, W1CTN
Frank, N6QB
Ryan, G5CL
Claude, F5PBL
Martin, AB5L
Bob, N4BP
Violet, WB5WDA

Club Calls - History

After a discussion on the reflector, we applied for a club call, KAØOCR was issued on on 09-23-2003.   I was hoping for KAØSOC, but it wasn't to be.   Then we started a search for a proper vanity call for our unique club.   It needed to be appropriate and of course vary SOC.   After a week or so and with the help of the Vanity Call Sign HQ we had generated a list of calls, pretty much every call that ended in SOC no matter what the prefix or call area, and held a vote, via reflector, to determine the order they would be listed on the vanity application.   The application was filed and on 01-22-2003 we were issued WØSOC.

WØSOC expired in January of 2013. The license has been renewed with Martin, AB5L as trustee.

I thought it would be cool to have SOC club calls for other areas of the US also. Unfortunately, there were no other WxSOC calls available except for W1SOC. But being a former W1 (WN1GIV and W1GIV) and SOC #1, W1SOC seemed quite appropriate. So the application for a second Second Class Operators Club call was made, and on 09-20-2006 we were issued KI4RGX. A vanity call application was quickly submitted, and on 10-13-2006 the W1SOC license was issued.   A W1SOC qsl - Bob N4BP Trustee.

Ryan applied for and received MØSOC in 2010.

Frank applied for and received K6SOC in 2013.

Violet applied for and received trusteeship for W5SOC in 2013.

Claude applied for and received TMØSOC in 2019.

Dave applied for and received K1SOC in 2019.

Approved Operations for 2020
(Previous operations)

  From To Approved for & QSL Via
Call Year Month Day Time Month Day Time Name Call SOC# Event
W1SOC 2020 March 28 0000Z March 28 2359Z Bob N4BP 1 FOC QP
TMØSOC 2020 March 28 0000Z March 28 2359Z Claude F5PBL 503 FOC QP
TMØSOC 2020 April 11 2100Z April 12 2100Z Claude F5PBL 503 Free Style & Yuri Gagarin International DX Contest
TMØSOC 2020 April 25 1300Z April 26 1259Z Claude F5PBL 503 Helvetia Contest
TMØSOC 2020 May 30 0000Z May 31 2359Z Claude F5PBL 503 CQ WW WPX CW
TMØSOC 2020 July 04 1400Z July 05 1359Z Claude F5PBL 503 Marconi Memorial & Free Style
TMØSOC 2020 August 08 0000Z August 09 2359Z Claude F5PBL 503 WAE DX Contest
TMØSOC 2020 August 30 1400Z August 30 1700Z Claude F5PBL 503 Free Style & SARL HF Contest
W1SOC 2020 September 12 0000Z September 12 2359Z Bob N4BP 1 FOC QP
TMØSOC 2020 September 12 0000Z September 12 2359Z Claude F5PBL 503 FOC QP
TMØSOC 2020 September 19 1200Z September 20 1200Z Claude F5PBL 503 Scandinavian Activity Contest CW & Free Style
Drop me an e-mail to use the call for any Second (or First) Class event.
Or if you just want to use it for a week or a weekend.

There are only Four(4) Rules:
    Q. Operate with-in your call sign's privileges.
    3. You are responsible for QSLing
    +. Forward copies of your log to the trustee.
    8. Have Fun!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact:
Dave W1CTN Trustee K1SOC SOC # 1239
Frank N6QB Trustee K6SOC SOC # 1038
Ryan G5CL Trustee MØSOC SOC # 890
Claude F5PBL Trustee TMØSOC SOC # 503
Martin AB5L Trustee WØSOC SOC # 1043
Bob N4BP Trustee W1SOC SOC # 1
Violet WB5WDA Trustee W5SOC SOC # 1046

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Last Update: March 07, 2020