To commemorate the passing of one of its founding members, 
the Second Class Operators Club will be holding its first 'SOC CW Bash'
on Saturday April 2nd between 0000z and 2359z.  
Many people will remember Hank Kohl K8DD (SOC #69) as one of the main 
engines behind QRP ARCI , a professional CW operator and a seasoned contester 
so as a fitting tribute, the SOC hopes to combine all aspects of Hank's talents 
and passions in one event.

Any operator can take part in the 'Bash', and although not a contest, 
the SOC will be issuing its very own special certificates for top scorers 
in both a QRO and QRP section. The club will hopefully be activating all 
of its own call signs during various times of the 24 hour period - W0SOC, 
M0SOC, W1SOC AND W5SOC - and although there are no 'strict rules' the format
will be roughly as follows:

-    Time: 0000z to 2359z on Saturday 2nd April
        (nearest Saturday to April 1st)
-    Call 'CQ DD' in memory of Hank around the QRP calling
        3560, 7030 (also check 7040), 14060, 21060, 28060.
        If QRO, please limit power to 100W
-    Members to exchange membership number, name and RST
-    Non members to exchange name and RST
-    Stations worked on different bands will count as separate QSO's e.g. 
If you work W0SOC on 80m, 40m and 20m this will count as three points but 
if you work W0SOC twice on 80m this will only count as one.

Please submit your scores to  by Saturday 16th April
(if you solely use QRP, please note this clearly in your email).

In typical SOC fashion, we inadvertently scheduled this first K8DD Memorial CW Bash 
to overlap the QRP ARCI Spring Party.  Not to worry, the exchange can easily be expanded 
to accommodate both events during the overlap as per the following example (M0SOC):

RST    Name    SPC    SOC#        ARCI# (or Power)
559    Ryan    G    SOC 890        ARCI 13713

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