SMARC Sparks Online Magazine

January 1, 2021

Greetings SMARC Members and Friends.

The next SMARC monthly meeting will be Friday, 8 January 2021 at 7:00 PM via Zoom teleconference. Early check-ins/communications checks will be available starting at 6:45 PM.

Join the 8 January 2021 Zoom Meeting via desktop/laptop/smartphone:
Join Zoom Meeting:
Dial in via landline/cell phone and follow voice prompts: 301-715-8592

Meeting ID: 834 9570 5455
Passcode: 423582

******** New to Zoom? Here are some tips:

*When you join the meeting, please ensure that the “Your Name” block has your name and call sign (if you have one), to help identify you to the host and the other meeting participants.

*The SMARC meeting will have the “Waiting Room” security feature enabled. This means that the host needs to approve your entry into the meeting.

*Leave yourself on mute except when speaking. This helps prevent numerous live mics during the meeting, which may pick up extraneous noise.

*If you are using a desktop or laptop, you can use the spacebar on the keyboard as a “push-to-talk (PTT).” Press the spacebar while talking and then release it to automatically return to mute status. Almost like using a radio!

Zoom notes:

The Zoom client (free download) is available for desktops/laptops in advance at: Zoom is also available for Android devices at the Google Play Store and Apple devices at the Apple App Store. One can also dial in to the meeting via landline/cell phone (audio only) and following the voice prompts to enter the Meeting ID and Passcode.

Ken LaCapria, KA3POX