SMARC Sparks Online Magazine

March 31, 2020

Greetings SMARC Members and Friends.

I hope this finds all of you healthy. Obviously any eye ball meetings, hamfests, builds, and presentations are on hold for the duration.

The truck has been properly christened as it now sports 2 antennas on the cab. Primary power has been installed from the battery to under the back seat where the radios and the power distrabution panel will live. The fixture for the control heads, microphones, HT, and speaker has been fabricated. Pieces and parts needed to continue have been ordered and are on the way in.

Here are a few interesting tid bits:
The thread count of a UHF connector (PL-249, SO-239) is 5/8" x 24.
The thread count of an NMO antenna and mount is 1-1/8" x 18.

Temporary Ham Radio Q-Codes for our times:


QLD: I am locked down.
QUA: I am quarantined.
QPD: I am in the middle of a pandemic.
QTP: I have toilet paper. Want to trade for a new car?
QFC: I am flattening the curve.
QHG: I need a hug.
QSH: I am sheltering in place.
QHS: I have hand sanitizer. Want to trade for two new cars?
QSD: I am observing social distancing.
QCV: I hate Coronavirus.

Ken LaCapria, KA3POX