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Charles (AA3WS) is offering a basic class about the Adruino processor. The class will be held on February 19, 2020, from 0900 to 1700 Hours at Marbury Baptist Church, 4670 Bicknell Road, Marbury, MD 20658. Lunch of hotdogs will be provided. Coffee will also provided during the day. Please provide any other beverages and/or snacks for yourself, as desired. One little caveat regarding the class is that Charles is only able to get the training room during the work week. If you want to sign up for the class, please email Charles at [email protected]

For the class we want to make sure everyone is working with the same hardware. You will need an Arduino Uno R3, a plug in breadboard and a sensors kit. If you already own an Arduino Uno R3, you’re already part way there. If not, we have found one that is very reasonably priced and comes with a plug in breadboard for building the projects covered in the class.

The sensor kit we have found is also very reasonably priced and comes with everything you will need for the class.

These are the two items you will need to purchase. Both items are available with Amazon Prime, so no shipping charges.

Arduino Uno R3 kit ($8.88):

37 in 1 Sensor kit ($29.99):

73, Bob, NW3M