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On-Line Sked Request Form

Please follow these steps:

  • Check the current sked-list
  • Fill in your sked proposal in the on-line request form below
  • Return to First Page or choose some other link

Please complete the following to propose a sked with SM7TUG

Basic information:

Your Callsign
Your Name
Your WWL Grid Squeare (e. g. JO76LL)
Your QTH
Your Country
Your E-Mail Address
Contry Code / Area Code / Telephone

Sked Proposal:

Date ( Month/ Day/ Year)

If the poposed sked should be incompleted or Iīm busy during proposed time, please enter date and time for a backup sked.

Backup Date ( Month/ Day/ Year)
Backup Time

Sked Type:

CW, speed lpm (appropriate in Meteor Scatter only!)

Enter desired frequency for sked

TX/RX period skeduling:

Enter callsign for station who starts first period

Receiving and transmitting system:

What rig (rx/tx) are you using?
Antenna system?
Output Power(Watts)?

Check if you are using a GaAsFet Preamplifier
Check if you are using DTR (for MS-CW skedīs only...)

Special Requests:

Thank you for subbmitting your sked request to SM7TUG. Your request will be confirmed or rejected within two days. 73īs, Good Luck/Good Reflections!

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