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Mostly QRV on Nordic Activity Contests with good take off in most directions.

Between the contests Iīm also monitoring 144.300 and ON4KST-chat.

Prefer old fashion CW (and SSB), weak signals and having a crush on ACS, itīs really spectacular, pse try DL2ALF/Franks AirScout, itīs really great.

73 de SM6VTZ/Chris Kricke JO58UJ27RL

!!!!! NEW LOCATOR JO58UJ, not JO58WI nor JO58XJ !!!!!

QRV 2m with 4x6el and 2x3el

QRV 70cm with 4x13el and 2x13el

QRV 23cm with 1,2m dish

QRG @ NAC, 144.235/035, 432.135 and 1296.135

More info @


Skeds are welcome to my e-mail, pls change to my call: [email protected]

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