Temp'O Matic 2.0




The tempserver will be changed new one about october 2002 when our company moves another place in town.
Inside sensors will be assembled local network room. When temperature database grows the temp server are
getting too slow and i have to grap some slight newer hardware to get it faster.

Right now we are planning microcontroller based (Atmel AVR) weather station using RS-232/RS-485 serial bus.

Where to get it and last changes/bugfixes

You can get it here: tempomatic-2.0.tar.bz2[Last update 01.07.2002]

Fist time use copy the package to your www-root (/var/www/html) then unpack it.
Type bzip2 -d tempomatic-2.0.tar.bz2 and then untar it typing tar -xvf tempomatic-2.0.tar
If You use previous version of Temp'O Matic unpack it first to your homedir and look changelog.txt what changes I made.

Read the README.txt and FAQ.txt carefully!

Temp'O Matic 2.0 Server list

Temp'O Matic 2.0 © Timo 'Boozeman' Viinanen 2002 Lisenced by the terms of QPL