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Logsearch News! [2006.08.23]

Complete log uploaded now for SK3W (1999-2005) on Log search

What is this?

Amateur radio, contesting and team building, sounds familiar? If not, take a tour at our site and find out more about this hobby that combines it all.

Amateur radio

Today we all have cell phones using radio waves to transport information from one subscriber to another. Amateurs around the world communicate with others on designated bands. Instead of dialing a specific number we just call "CQ", seek you, and anyone that hears that call can answer. Imagine that a person on the other side of the globe answer your call and wants to talk to you!


As in all sports you can compare skills and stations by competitions. Every year there are a number of contests that are held through out the world. Some of the big contests are CQWW, WPX, IARU. In general contests have one main objective. By having as many contacts with other amateurs in different countries a score can be made. So therefore different contest classes are kept. For instance a normal amateur would participate in a low power class and club perhaps have many operators that could build up a team and run several radios at the same time from the same location, so called multi operator category. Of course there are a number of categories that I dont mention here but could be found at 



Located some 150km. northwest from Stockholm a group of devoted radio amateurs have built this impressive station, mostly for contest purposes. Starting back in mid -90's when the first crank-up tower was installed we now have mono band Yagis on all bands and  four square antennas for the low bands.
The building and maintenance is all done during freetime by a number skilled persons. So next time you hear us calling please call in and give us a report.

QSL cards,

For those who want a QSL card please send it via the buro. We try to send out cards twice a year.  Latest logs are also available on eQsl and ARRL Log Book of the World.
Direct requests can be sent to:

Jaan Jürgenson
Bennebolsgatan 36
SE-163 50 Spånga