Swan  Island  DX  Association
Raleigh, North Carolina

The Swan Island DX Association is group of amateur radio operators in the
Raleigh, North Carolina area who enjoy chasing DX, sharing their stories,
sharing their experiences and occasionally meeting to enjoy their fellowship.
The organization has no bylaws, no rules, no officers and no dues.
Membership is open to any amateur radio operator who enjoys chasing
DX and strives to work "a new one".

The Swan Island DX Association meets for dinner every third Wednesday of the month.
We meet at 5:00 PM at O'Malley's Pub at 5228 Hollyridge Rd. Raleigh 27612.
That is near Oak Park Shopping Center just off of Glenwood Ave.

We have a group on groups.io. To sign up go to this URL and subscribe.

For more information, contact
Bill McDowell K4CIA  919-846-2317


The Swan Island Story
A history of the CIA Clandestine Radio Station on Swan Island
Swan Island DX Assn "Members" Link to Club "Members" pictures
At Fat Daddy's Restaurant

Link to Club "Members" pictures
At O'Malley's Pub, 2014-2016

Link to Club "Members" pictures
At O'Malley's Pub, 2017
Link to Club "Members" pictures
At O'Malley's Pub, 2023

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DXing is the hobby of making two way radio contact with distant stations
DXers also attempt to obtain written verifications of the contact, referred to as QSL cards.
A number of our members have all countries confirmed with QSL cards.

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Swan Island DX Association