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Departing Australia


Items you must declare on departure
Items Requirements Contact
Animal or plant material

Australia has strict laws prohibiting and restricting the export of Australia's native wild animals and plants. These include birds, their eggs, fish, reptiles and insects, plants and seeds or derivatives from them.

Products made from protected wildlife such as hard corals, giant clam shells, reptiles and whales are also prohibited or restricted.

If in doubt, check with Environment Australia or declare the goods to Customs.

Contact Environment Australia for information on export restrictions and permit requirements.

Only permits granted by Environment Australia will be accepted.


Environment Australia

(02) 6274 1900 (Australia only)
+ 61 2 6274 1900 (outside Australia)

(02) 6274 1921 (Australia only)
+ 61 2 6274 1921 (outside Australia)

Environment Australia website

Heritage items

It is illegal to take or send out of Australia items identified as important to Australia's cultural heritage without a permit.

These may include works of art, stamps, coins, archaeological objects, minerals and specimens etc.

For information on requirements and permits, contact the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts.


Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts
Cultural Property and Institutions Section

(02) 6271 1610 (Australia only)
+ 61 2 6271 1610 (outside Australia)

(02) 6271 1599 (Australia only)
+ 61 2 6271 1599 (outside Australia

Email: [email protected]

DCITA Website:

Firearms and ammunition  

You must obtain a Restricted Goods Permit from Customs prior to export and items may be subject to an import permit.


Customs Information Line

1300 363 263 (Australia only)
+ 61 2 6275 6666 (outside Australia)

(02) 9213 4043 (Australia only)
+ 61 2 9213 4043 (outside Australia)


Defence and strategic goods

Australian export controls cover a wide range of goods and technologies.

Under the Defence and Strategic Goods List, items such as computers, telecommunications, information security (cryptographic items), sensors and lasers, navigation and avionics, marine and propulsion, and defence and related goods require an export permit prior to leaving the country.


You may be required to obtain an export permit or licence from the Department of Defence.


Department of Defence
Strategic Trade Policy and Operations

(02) 6266 2586 (Australia only)
+ 61 2 6266 2586 (outside Australia)

(02) 6266 2977 (Australia only)
+ 61 2 6266 2977 (outside Australia




Amounts of $A10 000 or more, or equivalent in foreign currency (meaning notes and coins of legal tender), must be reported on departure.


Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre

1800 021 037 (Australia only)
+ 61 2 9950 0055 (outside Australia)

(02) 9950 0071 (Australia only)
+ 61 2 9950 0071 (outside Australia)

Arrival Customs Genaral Info Departure

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