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Countywide JOTA-OC
Oct 21, 2000
9am - 4pm
Rancho Alamitos High School
11351 Dale, Garden Grove, CA

(download flyer for detailed map)

Scout info and Registration: [email protected]
Ham groups wanting to set up radio stations: [email protected]

Your invitation to meet, work and play with CAOES, RACES, ARES, Mutual Aid Partners and Radio Clubs while promoting ham radio to young people. And have fun doing it!


  • 8/26/00: VE TESTING FOR YOUNG PEOPLE AT JOTA-OC BY A VERY SPECIAL VE TEAM. If your members know of any young people wanting to become hams.... this is the perfect opportunity! The same VE team that has tested over 500 Scouts has agreed to conduct a VE test session at our upcoming combined JOTA-OC. Of course the question pool is the same as any VE team, but these VE's are kid sensitive & won't make them cry! This is not a class, so all need to know the material. This is open to ALL kids... family, friends... not just Scouts! Every mode will be present only at this JOTA. What a great way to introduce a young person to ham radio. PLEASE PASS THE WORD AT ALL HAM GATHERINGS.

  • 8/13/00: JOTA-OC to have a satalite 54k uplink to the internet. JOTA-OC probably the only radio satalite uplink technology via California Office of Emergency Service OASIS satellite.

  • 8/26/00: All group with SSTV-VHF will pass images to each others Scouts all day. Led by sstv guru OCRACES Jim Carter.

  • 8/26/00: Request for stations now complete. See final group below.

  • 8/26/00: Everyone needs to help advertise this event. Using listservers, word of mouth, we all need to make sure anyone who might be interested in this special event know about it. Download the flyer and spread the word. The flyers should already be at radio stores & Scout shops. Thousands have been printed and distributed. If you know a Scout Troop tell them about it. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Young people and the OC ham community are all invited to this FREE ham friendship event.


What different about this JOTA

  • Only JOTA sponsored officially countywide by Orange County Council of Boy Scouts of America to all 50,000 Scouts/Scouter... hopefully not all will attend!
  • Only Orange County event that brings CA OES, all RACES, ARES & ARC together to promote amateur radio and ham emergency comm community service.

  • Only JOTA that shows all modes to Scouts.

  • Special Guest California Governors Offices of Emergency Services (OASIS satellite station & new comm vehicles)

  • Special Guest Joe Moel (fox-hunt author) to run "fun hunts" for the Scouts

  • Special Guest Gordo West WB6NOA will answer ham question and info about the yearly SCOUT HAM CLASS

  • Special Guest from ARRL

  • Newpapers and TV invited to "show off" Orange County's amateur radio community at it's best.

  • County, City RACES, ARES & ARC groups will set up HF & VHF/UHF, ATV, SSTV stations and more.

  • JOTA-OC has been awarded the use of the official callsign K2BSA/6 for the event.

  • Photos will be taken for a feature article in QST.

  • All OC Scouts will receive a flyer inviting them to this countywide JOTA event.

  • This scale of an event will occur only every 5 years.

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When Scouts want to meet other Scouts from another country, they usually think of attending a World Jamboree. But few people realize that for 43 years, each year more than 400,000 Scouts and Guides from 38 countries "get together" over the airwaves for the annual ham radio Jamboree on the Air (JOTA). Your Scouts can participate in this fun learning event. No radio license is needed!

Who has been volunteered & what is still needed.

Ham Station/Activity/Exhibit

All catagories are filled. Thanks


HF 10m:

MESAC (Costa Mesa RACES)

HF 15m

Huntington Beach RACES

HF 20m

Huntington Beach RACES (60' tower station)

HF 40m

Fountain Valley RACES


Fountain Valley RACES**

California Disaster Team

OASIS Satalite Station & Communication Vehicle

California Gov Office of Emerg Serv (public service)

Emergency Communication Demonstrations

Hospital Disaster Group (vhf/uhf) 220


American Red Cross


78s ARC


MESAC (Costa Mesa RACES)

ATV & SSTV Orange County RACES


American Red Cross & All others w/sstv


Joe Moel K0OV

CW Awards

West Coast ARC

FREE Scout Ham Class Info

Gordo West WB6NOA & Amateur Radio School

Communication Vehicle

California Gov Office of Emerg Serv

Communication Vehicle

Amateur Radio School

Amateur Radio License Testing for Kids & Scouts*

Amateur Radio School

* Normal VE fees apply

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Communication Vehicles on display.

  • CAOES OASIS satellite station
  • CAOES public safety comm vehicle
  • HBFD Tac Command vehicle (not confirmed)
  • OCSD Command 5 (not confirmed)

Stations overall goal for the day.

  • Provide a "hands on" for the Scouts & young people to get on the air.
  • HF to talk with other JOTA sites.
  • VHF/UHF, FRS, ATV & exhibits should be structure to communicate locally.

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What Stations need to provide.

Each station must be completely self sufficient and include:

  • Canopy for shade
  • Genset or batteries & power cords
  • Complete station (radios, cables, antenna, etc)
  • 4-6 chairs so Scouts can sit and work station
  • 2 tables
  • Commercial power is NOT available
  • Physical layout is: sports field

How to volunteer!
  1. Look at station list above, either select a catagory or come up with a new one
  2. Email [email protected] immediately what your group would like to provide.
  3. Download flyer directly at
  4. Advance planning is critical, since we are faced with a number of unknowns. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!

Don't miss this opportunity to meet your mutual aid partners at the State, County and City levels, while showing amateur radio at it's best.

(This is NOT a RACES mutual aid or mutual assist.)


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Help pass the word

This is a free event, grassroots passing the word is our advertising. Each year we do this we always hear from Scouts & Scouter who missed the event because they didn't know about it.

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Download high quality version of flyer to print & distribute (300k- 1min download)

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RACES Special Comments:

This is NOT a mutual aid or mutual assistance event. Check with you City to see if they will consider this a training event so you are covered by workers comp.

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About this website or the event

[email protected]

Talk-in Freq: 144.330 simplex (K2BSA/6)

10M- 28.350
20M- 14.290
40M- 7.290

Radio/Ham Contact: [email protected]    

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