Emergency Communications Plan Overview

August 2022


Note: This is only an overview. Follow the direction of the SCC Emergency Coordinator and County EC.
Members should monitor 147.225+,146.2PL -whenever possible



Local Net


Communications between SCC deployed members and SCC members at home.

South County Net *


South County comms for groups outside SCC and relay to EOC

County Net *


Communications between County responder groups and EOC



Local Net:
- Self-activated by any member, especially for unplanned event (tornado, etc).
- SCCARC is only responsible for activating and staffing the net.
- Staffing of local SCC CA resources such as Security Patrol or Emergency squad only at direction of club EC.


County Nets:
- As directed of Hillsborough County Emergency Coordinator (EC) and club EC

Deployed Communication support groups are only activated by the County EC /EOC.

The County EC is responsible for identifying and providing trained and equipped operators to locations
such as shelters, fire stations and hospitals.



HF / Winlink / FRS / CB / DStar / APRS-WX/Disaster Radio Service (DRS)- responsibility of Kings Point ARC